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    if there was a power outage due to terrorist attack and you had to somehow preserve all of the food in your freezer from going bad, is there any way that you could dehydrate it all using a fire?
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    Get MERs, there not the tasteis

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    i got emergency gold fish in the tank for that time ;)
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    I don't know if this is exactly what you're looking for but there is a lot of useful info on there about drying foods.

    Runs with Beer (that's so funny) has a good idea.
    Every time I move I dig a big hole 20X12X3 and put a good liner in it, then fill it with pan fish and cat fish from lakes and rivers in the area. Put a pump and filter in for water circulation and to keep mosquitoes from using it as a breeding spot. Add some minnows for food or feed them cheap dry cat food and you have a source of fresh food should the poo ever hit the fan. Fish are also pretty easy to smoke or dry. (Note: They can live for many months with no water circulation just keep an eye on the water. Live plants will add to their life span and survival rate of the fry)