FOID CARD - 57 day wait?

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    VXASUXV New Member

    To make a long story short I sent my FOID card application in, what seems to be, quite some time ago. I've been doing a large amount of research with regards to which firearm I want to purchase. So naturally, I would like to fire some of these guns to get a better feel for them, thus, making a more educated decision as to which is the best option for me.

    Problem is... I can't even touch a gun (legally, yet, respectfully) until I get my FOID card. I went into a gun shop and they won't even let you look at the gun unless you present your FOID card.

    According to IL Law, legally, a FOID card has to be presented within 30 days (unless disqualified) of receiving the application. I called to get a status on the FOID card and they claim to have a waiting period of 57 days from the day your check was cashed. It took them two weeks just to cash the check to cover the cost for the background check (from the day that I mailed the check). Now I know snail mail is slow... but it doesn't take more than 2 days for mail to get from my hometown to Springfield.

    Is there anything I can do?
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    Sorry to say, not uncommon. The whole point of the FOID is to make the purchase of a firearms such a burden that people opt out rather than go through it. This allows the State to avoid outright infringement of your rights as long as the Courts say the requirement is "reasonable." Yes it in New Jersey you can wait 6 months for a FOID although the law clearly states that the card shall be issued in 30.


    VXASUXV New Member

    The whole concept of a FOID card doesn't make sense to me. It seems a little redundant if you ask me.

    You get a background check for the initial FOID application... then another background check and status check for that FOID card when you actually purchase a gun? Then another X day waiting period to pick up the gun. It seems like a big waiting game to me...
  4. winds-of-change

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    I live in DeKalb County, Illinois. It took me about 3 weeks for me to receive my FOID card.
  5. hddave

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    foid card wait

    My wife and I sent foid apps. the same day. Hers new mine a renewel. She got her card in 2 weeks, I waited over 2 months. My card actually expired while I was waiting!
  6. Mack Bolan

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    ah yes, its illinois remember?

    i applied for three at the same time in fall of 2009, and they all came at different times but all within 4-9 weeks or so

    i think things have been slowing down since though, i mean remember, the state is bankrupt....its amazing to me its not worse. a call to inquire with the ISP wont hurt. I just talked to my uncle the other day who had a renewal in and he hadn't heard anything in over 60 days so he happened to ask a state trooper he ran into and that fortunately was enough to get him to look into it and get it processed. not everyone is that lucky, i know...but i think a call down state wouldn't hurt.

    i never posted this but the NRA has filed a lawsuit (earlier this week) against the state of IL for recently blocking the CCW bill and infringing on its citizens 2nd ammendment rights....i think the GOA is in on this on too.

    hang in there, like we do for spring weather.....:p
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    57 day wait my butt

    My wife and I sent in applications in at the begining of April. they cashed my checks in mid April its now mid June and still nothing. Damn state can take my money and not give anything back, I let my foid card lapse over a year ago and now I have to have a friend keep my 22 that needs to be repaired and a pellet gun that is as strong as a 22 because the state cant get off thier arses and process the information.
  8. robocop10mm

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    Are you an NRA or GOA member? Join and contact them about filing a law suit against the state. If they are not in compliance wtih their own law, you should win. Firearms advocacy groups are starting to use the courts to make things happen.

    The delay is unacceptable and ILLEGAL!
  9. c3shooter

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    113 can help you find a house, U-Haul can help you move. My Virginia Concealed CARRY license took 3 DAYS. We don't even HAVE an FOID, and no waiting periods.

    You can come on down- we have had Yankees from Illinois here in Virginia before.... :rolleyes:

    Realistically, make a call to the ISP- if you get no satisfaction, a letter to them, with a reminder of what the law requires. Address it to the Chief.
  10. canebrake

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    Sounds like the system is working just like the hoplophobic lawmakers want it to work.

    To improve the "system" you have two choices;
    1. Work from within to bring change
    2. Move

    Complaining here is what is called commiseration. Joining together to force the change is what is called freedom*!

    * Freedom; Absence of subjection to a despotic government.
  11. Missouribound

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    FOID schmoid

    As of today, Illinois is the only state that doesn't allow concealed carry...Wisconsin just passed a CCW law and it awaits the governors signature. When I lived in Illinois I got my card in about 3 weeks. Chicago has always been 50 years behind and out of touch with the rest of the country. Parts of Chicago are like the wild west after dark. As long as Illinois has it's backwards, corrupt, hands in everyones pockets politicians nothing will change.
  12. ScottA

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    My brother in law never did receive his FOID. Although I encouraged him to follow up on it and find out what happened, he just shrugged his shoulders.

    VXASUXV New Member

    Hmm, that's not right. He should have his FOID card or a letter of denial, normally, within a 30 day period.

    On a second note, I finally got my FOID card and purchased an XDm .40. The whole process was long and drawn out (partially my fault). I had to order the XDm because I wanted an atypical color scheme so that took a week and a half for my FFL to receive the firearm. Once it finally came in I had to wait 3 additional days according to IL law. Well, the 72 hour period fell on a Sunday at 8:00pm and what do you know.... the shop closes at 6:00pm on Sundays.

    So... I had to wait until I got off work the next day.:mad:
    I didn't have any plans to go shooting that day (or even that week) so it wasn't a big deal but it's just the principle. It is one giant, annoying waiting game...
  14. Missouribound

    Missouribound Well-Known Member

    Illinois still believes that in that 72 hour wait you will change your mind about a life of crime. It's worked so well for the streets of Chicago, hasn't it?
  15. Scratchammo

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    As Fuzzball said "Robo is right". It is illegal & I think a little scare tactic should readjust their attention span. Sorry to hear about all the bs, reminds me of the DMV.
  16. culdee

    culdee New Member

    How is this even constitutional? I thought NY was bad!

    VXASUXV New Member

    If someone was serious enough about using a firearm unlawfully, do you think it would really matter what type of firearm they'd be willing to use? Pistols have a 72 hour wait period... rifles and shotguns are 24 hours. I don't know... that just seems like a no-brainer; even for an idiot bad-guy.

    Even at that, someone twisted enough to use a firearm unlawfully is most likely going to obtain a firearm unlawfully/illegally. Same goes for the whole CCW/CCL debate. I bet the number of people concealing weapons in the state of Illinois is mind-blowing (not including off-duty officers, etc). I can bet that a HUGE majority of people concealing illegally are the same people who own/purchased a firearm illegally. This kinda touches on what Missouribound said...

    *Shrugs shoulders*
  18. Mike72

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    It took my friend 5 months here in NJ for his FOID card.
    It took me 4 weeks for my hand gun permit and FOID. I had a retired cop as one of the reference's. He talked to the police sergeant and told him I was returning the application. Just goes to show how here in NJ they will make you wait unless you know the right people.
  19. AcidFlashGordon

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    I see all of these folks noting the delays for a card to give them the privilege to purchase a firearm and it makes me glad I live in Nevada. But, it also provides continuing reason for me to remain actively involved in the "movement" to pressure politicians in ALL states to get rid of these arcane and restrictive legislative roadblocks to a persons' Second Amendment rights.
  20. Werminator

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    FOID cards and waiting periods simply make me angry... I feel it is important that a perspective firearm owner be subjected to a background check but they might as well strap me down to a waterboard so much as issue a FOID card... Thank God I live in Missouri where I can walk into a shop and walk out with a tactical handgun or single shot shotgun in under an hour!