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    First Hello everyone first post.

    Background- I have been hunting with shotgun (deer and birds) bow(trad and compound) muzzle-loader for many many years. I have owned a bersa 380 20 years ago, a Springfield 1911 (miss that one, I was to young) and a colt 44 mag (big gun) not fun to shoot back then. I have not shot a handgun in 8 years.

    I am looking to get back into shooting handguns. I have been taking my 9yo to the range with a 22 rifle. We shoot the 22 between shooting the shotgun and muzzle-loader. I am wanting a handgun that I can shoot on the range and use for home.

    I am looking at the M&P 9, FNP 9, sig sp2022 and XD 9. All 3 fell good in the hand. and sights are close to being the same.

    Please share your experiences with these guns.

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    I have no experience with the FNP or M&P, but I do have experience with Sig and Springfield. The Sig or Springfield would fit the bill. I find for a new shooter the Sig to be a better choice, because it's hammer fired. So you will have a better visual to know if the gun is cocked or not compared to the XD(m), which has a striker status indicator. The disadvantage of the Sig is that it is Double Action to Single Action, which for a new shooter can be difficult to learn on. The Springfield, however has the same trigger pull everytime it's fired. Regarding saftey the Springfield has a grip saftey, which when not pushed in will not allow the gun to be fired or the slide to be moved, and a trigger saftey. The Sig has the visual of the hammer and a decocker, which safely lowers the hammer onto a hammer block that allows the gun to be fired double action. As far as field stripping and cleaning goes it's a toss up. I find they both field strip simply and clean up beautifully. One thing to note is through November 30th Springfield has a deal where if you purchase any XD(m) you can apply to get an extra three magazines and magazine pouch.

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    I can throw in my two cents on the M&P. It is one of the smoothest handguns I've fired. I love the trigger pull. My favorite part about the gun is the palm swell. You have three back straps to choose from. And unlike the xdm straps they widen to fit in your palm better. And provide the best grip. I use it for concealed carry and it feels surprisingly lite. No regrets on that purchase!
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    Do yourself a favor before you buy your 9mm and find someone with a Browning Hi-Power you can shoot. The gun is so balanced and has the correct weight to produce incredible accuracy.


    Plus it has John Moses Browning DNA! :p

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    I'm an owner of m&p .40 cal. I absolutely love this gun or any model of m&p family. I strongly suggest that you give the m&p a fair chance in your handgun choosing.