FNP 45 USG Malfunction

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    Just purchased a new FNP 45 USG, and discovered a major malfunction right out of the box. The ambidextrous “slide release lever” WILL NOT release the slide from the right side of the gun with an empty magazine in place. It WILL release the slide from the left side with an empty Mag in place.

    The website (FNH USA) specifically calls them “Ambidextrous slide release levers” as does the owner’s manual with the gun. Upon calling FN, and talking to “Bob”, I was met with numerous excuses, and misrepresentations… To wit “They are slide lock levers” ….NOT TRUE…. It is still “Ambidextrous slide release levers” under the “FNP 45 Series Handguns” “Features” listing on their website, and in the accompanying handbook.

    The strength and rigidity of the lever is too flimsy, and weak, to depress the magazine follower from the right side to release the slide lock. All it does is “bend” or “flex”, down without releasing the slide. With the gun disassembled, and an empty magazine in place, you can actually see the entire slide release mechanism bend and flex without moving the magazine follower AT ALL…. Very tinny!!! IMHO, very poor quality….similar to the trigger pin slippage problem in the FNP 45 USG that is still unaddressed by FN. It WILL release the slide with the magazine out of the gun….. useless!

    They obviously have known about this problem for some time because their prepared answer is to “Rename the lever vice fixing the problem. I find it totally unacceptable for a gun Manufacturer of this supposed quality to use this kind of excuse to support their product. I have several less (much less) expensive guns with ambidextrous slide release levers that function flawlessly. I did the research, and unfortunately believed the data presented on their website as true.

    I present this material so that anyone considering purchasing a product from this Manufacturer is fully aware of their attitude toward product quality. Anybody want to buy it cheap?
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    OldSalt, do you have some pictures of the case in point.

    I mean no disrespect, but your first post here is trashing a weapon that is owned by other members and this is the first we have read of this type of problem.

    I don't argue that it's possible as I am not a fan of Ambi-Anything on my weapons. I am just a little surprised that your first post is so negative against FNH.

    Please stop by the Introduction section and tell the good folks a little about yourself.


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    I will be happy to try getting viewable pictures of the problem. I will remove the slide, put an empty mag in, and take pictures static, and with the right slide release lever fully depressed. Hopefully you will be able to see the bracket bent/twisted with absolutely no movement of the empty mag follower required for the slide release to occur. It's late, and I'm old. I'll take and post these tomorrow AM. If you are impatient and have a FNP45, you can see it for yourself. Simply remove the slide, insert an empty mag and depress the right hand mag release lever. You will see the bending/twisting for yourself....I'm also sure you will observe flimsy/tinny nature of this bracket.

    I purchased this gun based on the reputation I found on sites like this on, and the information on the FNH website. After calling FNH this morning, and being jerked around like some idiot, I decided to make sure I divulged the problem to as many gun owners as possible. Perhaps FN should look at the Bersa Thunder Pro UC Ambedextrous slide release mechanism. It works flawlessly, and the gun can be bought for approximately half the price of an FNP USG, and I can tell you there is nothing flimsy/ tinny about that lever.

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    Bummer, Old Salt.

    Does the slide stop release the slide when chambering the first round from the mag?

    I don't use slide stops for anything other than manually locking back the slide, typically, but can see how this would bug you.
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    Here are 2 pictures that best show the problem. Obviously the problem only affects lefthanders, but, for a lefthander that is paramount.

    M14srock- Yes, it does close with a loaded clip because the round takes the added pressure of depressing the mag follower off the release mechanism.


    No Close.JPG
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