FNP-45 Tactical

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    Flipping through a magazine at Wally World it listed its top pistols from the Shot Show. The one that caught my eye was the FNP-45 Tactical. After going on the FNH website and [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JgrZYtQP6E"]youtube[/ame] there are some features I like about it. First, being left handed, I love that it had an ambi mag release and ambi safety/decocker and ambi slide stop (I hate having to switch hands to lock a slide back). Not the kind that you have to switch to the right side, it comes on both sides. The other feature that I liked it that it comes with a removable panel on the slide to attach a red dot sight. I like the concept of the red dot sight on a pistol, never tried it though. Things I did not like about it: not a 1911 (the video on FN's website does state that the grip angle is the same as the 1911), it has a polymer frame, it does come with a stainless slide and barrel (wish it was all carbon steel)Im thinking because it is double stacked, the weight of the 7-8 extra bullets might help a liitle with the recoil?

    Anyone that went to the Shot Show look at this?

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