FNG has FNP-357sig. questions

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    Hello folks , I'm Steve and I'm an FNG here .
    I'm trying to get some feed back on getting a new pistol .
    I currently own a Chiefs Special 45 ACP . and am considering trading it in for an FNP(H) 357 Sig.
    The "Chief" is a nice pistol but I have a few problems "handling" it .
    I've got small/mid sized hands with fat fingers , so I can only get 2 1/2 fingers on the grip . Other problems are nerve damage and Carpal Tunnel in both hands and to top it off I got my right forearm crushed in an APC door in the 80's; Medically Retired USAF 81'-91') .I've been a Tradesman for 35+ years, "bit" of a basket case at 51 .
    I bought the "Chief" 2 years ago and I've been talking with the Shop owner about getting something a bit easier to handle . He's willing to give me either full price trade-in or very near to what I originally paid . I called him again Saturday and asked how the 357 Sig. rated on recoil and he told me it was comparable to shooting a 9mm.
    I've done some research on the 357 Sig. round and it seems to be a formidable round .
    How would this pistol be as a CCW/Close Quarters home defense ? I've read that the 115gr. is real hot and have looked and found the round in 125gr. ,but have not been able to find the 147gr.(?) .
    We live in a remote "Meth" infested , high unemployment area here in the S.W. Mo. Ozark's (nearest Cnty. LEO's are 18 miles of backroad away). No exagerations when I say most folks are "packing" either liscensed or not . We have alot burglaries etc. Positive point is Missouri has the "Castle Law" which extends to vehicles or any structure that can be slept in .
    With both my wife and I disabled I want to make damn sure if I ever have to use Lethal Force it needs to be exactly that , hence the .357 Sig . sounded like a good candidate .
    Good or bad I could use some educated advice on this choice .

    I had a few reviews but lost them when my Hard Drive fried .
    This is the most recent review that I was able to find .
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    Welcome to the forum. Please stop by our "Introductions" area.

    I do not know how available the ammo is for the .357 Sig. A firearm without ammo is useless no matter how formidable the round is.

  3. The_Desert_Rat

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    FNG-FNP(H) 357 Sig Q's

    Thanks for the welcome Dan . I'll get over to Intro's soon .
    Needed some short notice advice . I'll be in the shop tomorrow afternoon to check out the FNP(H) . The Owner is 101st. Army Airborn Retired and a "No Nonsense" down to earth man who shoots from the hip .
    I have alot of respect for him .
    I'm not questioning his integrity or knowledge (He shoots competively (45ACP) but further advice from folks here would be received in the same fashion .
    After looking at several sites I chose this site . Seemed to be alot of LEO and generally well experianced people .
  4. M14sRock

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    I have a .357 Sig and have found it to be "snappier" than a 9mm. But it is an excellent round.

    Thanks for your service.
  5. Shihan

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    I like the .357sig, it is what I carry. I never have a problem finding ammo.
  6. sweeper22

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    357sig Positives
    Great defense caliber
    Fun to shoot
    Impressive ballistics

    357sig Negatives
    Even the "cheap" factory FMJs will typically run $20+/box (JHPs cost no more than other calibers)
    It can be a somewhat difficult round when it comes to quick follow-up shots
    Your gun's resale potential will suffer due to its uncommon caliber...maybe to the tune of $50-100

    More info...

    I have a 357sig and I really enjoy shooting it, too bad it's so expensive to feed. If it's an extra gun in your fleet, I have no major reason to deter you. But if this is to be your soul defensive handgun, I think a 9mm, 45acp, and 357mag are far more practical options. And add 40sw to that list as well, even though I do prefer 357sig over 40sw myself. I'm pretty confident there aren't too many people who ever use these calibers in a defensive situation, only to think "oh, too bad I didn't have a 357sig".

    When it comes to defense ammo, you can find 50rd boxes of 125gr Speer Gold Dot and Winchester Ranger all over the internet for $25-30. The prevailing wisdom seems to favor the 125gr variety over the 147gr in defensive situations. You're giving up enough speed with the 147gr that at that point you really should opt for the cheaper 40sw, where the 135gr, 140gr, and 155gr defensive loads will give you similar ballistics. But if you really want 147gr 357sig, here it is. And if you order in bulk, Georgia Arms has some decent prices on range ammo.
  7. NGIB

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    With the variety of defensive ammo available for the 9mm, it's probably the best all around caliber price & recoil wise. I have a .357 Sig and it's an impressive round but expensive to shoot. The FN series of pistols are good ones, I've had 2 of them and they are a good value...
  8. robocop10mm

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    I feel the 9mm is perfectly adequate band much easier on your hands/wrists. Practice with 115 gr FMJ's (inexpensive) and carry 124+P Gold Dots or 127+P+ SXT's. You get the same performance of the Sig round, more capacity and much cheaper ammo.
  9. The_Desert_Rat

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    fng-fnp(h) q's

    Thanks folks , really .
    I had a 40SW. about 15 years ago . It was an off brand beast that was all over the globe on shots . The barrel "walked" .020"-.030" with the slide forward . I took it and pawned it off . The shop owner and I talked about that and he was saying they are "snappy" and he noticed "torque twist" when shooting one .I can vouch for the Snap but was too shocked to notice the Torque . I still have a full box of ammo for the 40 after 15 years....
    So that leaves 2 options ,, investigate the 9mm. or mill an extension for my Chief from Delrin (for any that haven't heard of Delrin it's a polymer that mills like steel and is not brittle) .
    I've had steering bushings built for one of my old classic Chryslers several years ago . Poly-Graphite bushings are like rubber compared to Delrin .
    I've also used it for shock bushings on my last 4x4 .The replacement bushings were something like $100.00 to replace , the Delrin was $10.00 or so .
    I have a friend who is a mill wright and restores telescopes (some from the 1700's-early 1800's) and vintage clocks . The guys abilities are amazing !
    I laid out dimensions/design for a Delrin clip extension to replace the current one on the 45 clip .
    All said and done the Chief is still a 6-7 shot and a bobbed trigger . The clips are pricey $40.00+ and then there is that first shot on full pull if a round is chambered .
    Guess I need to make a few calls .
    Thanks for the input .
    I'll get back to you all either way .
  10. Mr. Bluesky

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    .357 Sig is a bullet of similar size to a 9mm, with a lot more pressure behind it, so it will have more recoil that a 9mm. How much more, I don't know, I've only shot it in a rental gun some time ago. The rental gun was an FNP, though, and it handled pretty well.

    .357 will be more expensive and tougher to find than other calibers, no way around it. If cheap ammo is a concern, 9mm or .40 are your best bet in automatics. If the owner of your FLGS stocks firearms in .357, he probably stocks a fair selection of ammo, as well.

    IGETEVEN New Member

    Indeed + 1 :cool:

    It will be hard to beat the all around advantages and feeding bill of a 9mm, as Robo mentioned. 2nd choice would be a .40, a little bit bigger round and snappier, but it still has all the same great advantages as the 9mm.
  12. WDB

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    What they said +2:cool:
    FNH makes a fine pistol and 9mm would be best for you. I have a FNP-40, it has a snap to it. Try and keep your caliber to what is easy to find. The 357 sig is a good round but as mentioned expensive and often hard to find. Good for someone that owns several pistols and isn't concerned with the availability of ammo.

    Let us know what you decide to buy.
  13. The_Desert_Rat

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    Traded the "Chief" off yesterday...

    Thanks for the input on the 357 Sig . I went in yesterday and a guy was paying for the FNH 357 Sig . Took care of that Idea ...
    The owner had a case load of 40's,380's and 45's .
    Anyway I looked at several 9's (mostly Glocks) and settled on a CZ 75 P-07
    4" barrel with less than 20 rounds ran through it . It doesn't even look as if it's been out of the case .
    The owner gave me $400.00 (Book Value) for the Chief leaving me just over $140.00 after taxes . Got the case/cleaning kit/lock/extra safety assy. and 2 16 round clips to boot , but no owners manual .
    My nieghbor gave me 200 rounds of 115gr. fmj's . The shop owner said it would need about that many rounds to break it in . He was telling me the CZ was a bit more stable in the design of the slide .
    It fits my hands great , well balanced and tight as a drum .
    I'm not crazy about the plastic sights or safety though . Haven't had a chance to fire it yet . Hope to take the CCW course around May or June .
    until then It'll be my other riding companion in the Tahoe . Missouri is an "Open Carry" state but counties have different views on that . So I guess it's more accepted to have a CCW permit .
    I read the post about the CZ that's on page two of this forum . It looks as if
    they have alot of fans .
    Thanks for all the input !
  14. jeepcreep927

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    I doubt you'll be the least bit disappointed with the CZ or the cartridge, congratulations.

    Everything you ever wanted, and some things you might not have wanted, to know about CZ's at
  15. The_Desert_Rat

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    Cz-75 p-07

    Thanks for the link JC . I'll be checking that out . It's supposed to be near 70 but real windy this weekend so I'll see about cracking off a few rounds .
    Too damn muddy after the snow and ice melt off to do any Tractor work .
    I have an old Homestead foundation I need to break up and make disappear . The house is long gone and if we do stay here that area will be my new 30' x 40' shop .