FN SCAR serise rifles despute!!!!!!!

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  1. I am doing this post to get hard facts from people that have owned and operated the FN SCAR series of rifles. My step dad is a deputy and does a lot of off duty work. Well a guy that was on his off duty job site was telling him that he just got out of the army as a ranger and a lot off the guys over there that use the SCAR hate it and its a pile of crap. I totally disagree with this statement. However I do not own one and never have fired one so i thought i would ask the pros here for there input. So if any ex military of serving, even civilians that have the SCAR S can give me there thoughts on the rifles please do so. Thank you all in advance.
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    My cousin was SEAL team 2, now team 6, and a shooting instructor at FT Chaffee.

    He was one of the guys picked to run this thing through the tests, and said it failed. Everytime FN would "fix" the platform it would still fail.

    He is not a fan of the gun, as he saw it fail, and agrees with everyone who says theres nothing wrong with the M4 platform.

    NO BS.

  3. Wow i never would have thought. Thanks for the info this is the kinda of info i am wanting to hear. The research i have done comes up with nothing but high regard for the rifles. I know border patrol is using them now and absolutely love them. I have to agree there is nothing wrong with the M4.
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    my experience with FN products was the M249 SAW total piece of garbage. dunno if this lack of ability to design weapons translates to the SCAR or not. that experience however lead to my present lack of owning any FN weapons. so for me its not a stretch to believe that the scar is junk. if you want the look of the scar and it is pretty cool looking you can do that with a AR fairly easy.

    prolly doesnt help but im bored this morning
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    Buy a Border Patrol Officer a beer and see what he thinks.

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    I concur. The FN Scars are not as reliable in their function as first thought and they seem to fail under heavily used conditions, not acceptable in SOF operations.

    There is nothing wrong with the M4 platform. :cool:
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    I fired one at a demo last year. It was awfully loud compared to similar rifles.
  8. Thank you all for the posts. Man i got to tell you when i first had seen the SCAR i thought it was the coolest rifle out there, I am a little disappointed, but this is the info i am after. Real world thoughts not brochure reading. Thank you all again.
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    they spent more money making it look hot than making it unction. kinda like pamela anderson, looks good on the outside, cheap chinese plastic on the inside.
  10. That is funny.:D