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Hey all.

Saw the banner over on, and since I've just recently started sharing my addictions/sicknesses with the world of firearms, I decided I'd check it out.

First, I thought it would be jeeps that would be the end of me, now I (well, my wife) have come to the conclusion that guns AND jeeps will be my demise.

Anywho, I'm in SE Texas, and while not at work, I hunt and wheel/work on my jeep.

I've got a fairly modded cherokee, and am working on modding out 2 of my 3 latest firearms. A 1963 Norinco SKS and a Remmy 870 12 gauge riot. The other is my great-grandfather's S&W 9mm, which is quite a bit older than I am.

Hope to gain a lot of knowledge from you guys! (and possibly gals).
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