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  1. jeffie

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    my new gun is a FN medalist international from 1962 FN Browning Herstal
    Belgium , is there someone ho knows this woapen ??


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  2. plejon

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    Hello Jeffie,

    Very nice pistol. I really like the woodwork, looks really nice.

    I'm from Belgium like you, and eagerly awaiting my sport shooter license. All the tests and paperwork is done, so I think I will get the license in the next couple of weeks.

    I went over to Zilverberg in Kontich last weekend, and they showed me a FN .22 match pistol. It looked a bit like yours, but not nearly as nice. I would like some more information about these pistols, but I can't seem to find anything on the web. Most things I find on the web is about the GP or Pçà or ... Nothing about .22 match pistols by FN.

    Are they still being made? Where can I find a website with more information ?

    (a fellow Belgian)