FN five seven

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by PeteZaHut, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. PeteZaHut

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    Anybody shot one? What's the recoil like in comparison to the conventional rounds? Also, do you think it's a legitimate self defense round?
  2. chewchew

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    Very accurate up to 100 yards and never jams. The recoil is about the same or less as a 38 cal. I have 3- 12" iron skilets hanging at 100 yards and three at 50 and out of 21 rounds at 50 is 100%.
    At 100 is 85%. That's using high performance 40 gr.Hornady V-Max ammo. That is the SS197 sporting cartridge which is $23.00 for a box of 50. The gun is very easy to strip and clean. I've never shot anyone with it yet, but the bullit is going so fast coming out of the barrel, I'd say it would knock you on your a$$. The mags hold 20 rds + 1. CCW ? You bet.

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  3. Cazper23

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    I was looking at getting this gun but I found that the ammo was too expensive for plinking. I rented one from my lgs and I had 2 jams out of 50... Put in the gun's defense it might have been dirty. I also didnt like that they won't release the ammo reload info... But other then that I think its a solid gun
  4. msup752

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    I had one and sold it. It is a light gun and the 20 rd mags are fun. It is a large gun and more difficult to conceal.

    I decided to get rid of it because the ammo was so expensive and reloading, while possible, was very difficult. I also found different points of impact at 15 yards with different types of ammo.

    The recoil was low but it was loud and there was a big muzzle flash.