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Discussion in 'Range Report' started by NGIB, Jan 31, 2010.

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    Finally got some trigger time in today. I brought the FN 9mm Compact and the 4" Colt Trooper to test out as I hadn't shot either of them. The FN I picked up for cheap as a potential IDPA gun. Since the barrel is under 3.8" long, it works in the regular and BUG matches so it ain't a bad choice.

    While I'm not a huge fan of DA/SA, the little FN was fun to shoot and very accurate. Firing at 10-12 yards rapidly, I kept everything in a 6" circle at POA. No malfunctions at all and I put 150 rounds of WWB through it. If you're looking for a very reasonably priced poly gun (I paid $300 lightly used) with Sig-type decocker and external hammer - the FN is a nice choice.

    The Trooper was very smooth and accurate, I just shot WWB .38 Special today - I'll try some .357 the next trip.

    No, I didn't take a pic of the target but here's pix of both guns shot today...


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    Nice, I can't wait to get some more range time in!

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    Sounds good to me. :cool:
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    Very nice! From what I've seen FN makes a good guns for the $$$. :cool: