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    Hey everybody. I've got a Mosin Nagant in 7.62 x 54r and its a really nice shooter. The problem is all I can find is fmj ammo. I think it would be good for hunting hog and deer but I'm having a hard time finding out about Oklahoma's hunting laws concerning FMJ.

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    Well, it is on their website, under Game Regulations, Legal Means of Taking. And the short answer is NO- fmj ammo is not legal for hunting. Hogs may not be considered game, and those regs would not apply, BUT check with a Game Warden.

    Legal Means of Taking
    •Rifles: Centerfire rifles firing at least a 55-grain weight soft-nosed or hollow-point bullet and having an overall cartridge case length of 1.25 inches or longer (9 mm rifles are not legal). Clips or magazines of all .22 caliber centerfire firearms may not be capable of holding more than seven rounds of ammunition.
    •Muzzleloaders: Equipment described as legal for deer muzzleloader season and blackpowder firearms loaded from the breech are legal.
    •Shotguns: 20-gauge or larger, firing a single rifled slug, are legal.
    •Centerfire handguns: Chambered for .24 caliber or larger and 100 grain or heavier soft-nosed bullet having an overall cartridge case length of 1.25 inches or longer are legal (.357 or larger) and a minimum barrel length of 4 inches.
    •Semi-automatic handguns: Chambered for any centerfire ammunition with a 100-grain or heavier soft-nosed bullet and having a cartridge case size of .40 caliber or larger (includes 10 mm, .357 Sig., and 40 cal. or larger) and a minimum barrel length of 4 inches.
    •Handguns chambered for any centerfire rifle ammunition: Chambered for any centerfire rifle ammunition using at least a 55-grain soft-nosed bullet and having an overall cartridge case length of 1.25 inches or longer and a minimum barrel length of 4 inches.
    •Archery: Equipment described as legal for deer archery season.
    •Suppressors (Silencers): Landowners hunting on their own property and guests of those landowners are allowed to use legally acquired and possessed suppressors.
    •Illegal devices: Fully automatic firearms, laser sights (unless certified 100% disabled or legally blind) thermal tracking devices, and light enhancement devices (including nightscopes) from sunset to sunrise.

    Now, having said that, search on-line for 7.62x54R soft point ammo-

    And you will get hits like THIS:

    And THIS:

    FMJ for hunting is just not a good idea, legal or not.

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    Soft point ammo is not hard to find for a 7.62x54R. 180 gr Winchester soft point ammo is the best. 203 gr silver/brown bear soft point ammo is inexpensive and will shoot within a minute of a deer all day long. Use or to find the best prices on ammo.

    You can also find 150 gr SP ammo for the 7.62x54r. I have never tried 150 gr ammo. The 91/30 was rifled to shoot long heavy bullets.
  4. Chainfire

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    If you have any major sporting goods stores, in your area, you can buy hunting ammo for your Mosin. If you don't, you can get it on-line. Regardless of the legality, it is not good, ethically, to hunt with FMJ.
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    Eh, use the FMJ and just shoot 'em in the neck ;)

    Sorry, couldn't resist.
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    I would advise against hunting with FMJs even if legal. They tend to produce very narrow wound tracts on thin skinned game. The only ethical shots would be to either hit the spine or heavy bone in the shoulder and either can be a tricky shot with a Mosin which are not known for tack driving accuracy, 2MOA is about all I could ever get out of one. Is the Mosin the only rifle you own? I have never seen a 7,62x54 FMJ yaw reliably, I am aware they are supposed to but that is a hit or miss proposition in my experience.
  7. John_Deer

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    The deer I shot with a 203 gr sp looked like it had been hit with a 12ga slug. The soft point expands and drives through the deer. I will post some mosin -nagant kill pictures this hunting season. I have no accuracy issues with my 91/30. I do have issues with the safety on the 91/30. It is a barn gun or something you are not going to carry in the woods. When I am walking with my 91/30 I lift the bolt so the gun will not function but the bolt is caught by the receiver. That way if I see a deer I can push the bolt closed and shoot it.
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    FMJ bullets are legal for hunting wild hogs in OK outside of deer and elk season. i'm a serious hog hunter. Many of my hogs have been killed using the 5.56mm M193 ball round. At ranges to 150-175 yards, when fired from a 20-24" barrel, the 55 grain bullet of the M193 round penetrates about 6", yaws and fragments. At ranges longer than about 175 yards the magic is gone and the bullet does not fragment.
  9. John_Deer

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    A 7.62x54R would pass through a 500lb hog's shoulders like it was jello. I shot a steel plate with a 7.62x54r that had been shot many times with an AR15. The 203gr sp passed through the steel spinner so quick it barely wiggled. Imagine what a 7.62x54r military FMJ with a steel rod in it would do.