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  1. Colossal Urprising

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    Anyone ever fly with your pistol?

    I see the airlines say that you have to check it in a hard case with your luggage and it must be unloaded.

    I guess what I am curious about, do you put the hard case in your luggage or keep it separate where people are going to know right away that it is a hand gun?

    If I pack my clothes around it, it will be safe when they throw the thing around under the plane.

    Also, what kind of hard case do you use? The plastic case it came with? I was thinking something a little larger like an aluminum briefcase or something.

    What I don't want is for it to get put on the conveyor before I can get out to it and have some skeezer pick it up on me.
  2. JonM

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    pre-tsa it was pretty safe to fly with a handgun. just a locked hard case was enough. declare it at check in and they would seperate that luggage out and require a signature to pick it up. post tsa the government goons just steal them. i would ship it to a ffl at your destination and pick it up there.

    i dont fly anymore as i prefer to travel armed.

  3. Car54

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    If you plan to take it/them with you:

    NOTE: check with airlines, some allow, some don't, some restrict quantity. ie: Delta allows up to 4, Spirit allows 1, USA 3000 no guns at all, etc.

    1: luggage bag/with one or two hard to remove/break off/lose ID tags
    2: lockable hard case for handgun(s) with some form of ID attached inside and outside of case
    3: TSA approved lock(s) for your outer luggage bag (TSA will allow if they are approved locks)

    Put unloaded weapon(s) in lockable case and lock, put the locked case into the luggage bag, secure with TSA approved lock.

    Go to airport a few minutes earlier than you normally would and go to the ticket counter. Advise agent you have an unloaded weapon(s) to declare in your checked luggage. They will have you unlock the bag, then the case. You show them the gun is unloaded (without taking it out of the case), they give you a card to sign declaring the weapon(s) is/are unloaded, the card is placed in the case and you lock the case and put it back into the luggage bag.

    Then the agent will take you, or a TSA agent will be called to take you to an area where TSA will possibly make you unlock the luggage and hard case again so they can check to make sure the gun(s) is/are unloaded. Once TSA is satisfied, you will make sure both the case and bag are locked and your luggage will then be sent on the conveyer through the x-ray/scanner. the next time you see your luggage will be at your arrival destination.

    Hints: Try to arrange non-stop flights. This reduces the possibility of lost or delayed luggage.

    Get to the baggage claim area asap after your flight arrives to reduce the chance of someone else grabbing your luggage.
  4. Wambli

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    I've done it a few times without incident and that is the correct procedure. Go to your Airline's website and print their firearms policy and bring it with you, just in case. You can't count on the mouth-breather behind the counter's knowledge to get you by.

    If your luggage does not lock securely another option is a separate firearms case (That's what I do). I would not use anything smaller than a large briefcase size because anything else is just too easy for someone to put under a jacket and walk away. Buy a good one like a Pelican and it's a life long investement. Cheaper ones will last one or two trips and fall apart.

    BTW make sure you are licensed to have that gun AT THE AIRPORT you are flying out of. I've had friends that forgot their airport of choice was one state over and they are NOT licensed to have the handgun in that state so they were in for a lengthy delay...

    BTW it is legal to ship a gun to YOURSELF in care of someone else as long as they hold it for you and give you the unopened package when you get to your destination. No FFL needs to be involved. As always advice you get on the internet is worth what you pay for it and the ATF is the ultimate ruler on all matters...