Flying from TX to TN with a gun?

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by nimsu, May 25, 2012.

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    New to the world of guns, I live in Texas and bought a handgun. I have family in Tennessee and may fly out to visit in the upcoming months. Only interested in target shooting and maybe plinking in their backyard (they live in the middle of nowhere)

    1)Does TN have the same gun laws as TX where you don't need a permit to carry a gun in the car as long as it is not accessible?

    2)To fly with the gun, seems like I need a hard case that is lockable. Do I need to declare the gun when I buy the ticket or can I just show up the day of the flight with it locked up?

    3)Anything else obvious I'm missing.
  2. c3shooter

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    First, TN is a pretty gun friendly state. Spend some time reading HERE:

    As far as flying, read HERE:

    Also, go to your airline's website.

    When you arrive at airport- gun should be unloaded. No loaded mags. Any ammo in original boxes, in gun case. Allow a few minutes extra time. Go to check in counter. When it is your turn, smile, say (write this down) "Good morning! I would like to declare an unloaded firearm in my checked baggage." DO NOT say "I have a gun."

    Airline staff will probably take you to one side, have you open the case, show gun is unloaded, have you complete declaration of unloaded firearm card, which goes in case with gun, relock it, hand case to TSA person for screening. and pay airline for the checked bag.

    On arrival, your case MAY be on carousel, may be held at baggage office. You can open to do a brief check (yep, my gun is in there, alright) then close and relock case, leave airport.

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    Okay I am curious - I want to take two guns with me on a flight from TX to CA - neither will have a magazine capable of holding more than 10 rds and I have a hard plastic case with a padlock tab (which will allow a small padlock to lock the case) and also want to take 2 boxes of ammunition for each caliber (9mm and 380 acp) but I want to check this in my main bag - have the gun screened lock it and then put it in my checked baggage (with clothes and other stuff) is this acceptable?
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    Flying with a firearm is NO BIG DEAL lockable case without TSA locks (they dont trust there own people) ammo needs to be in a factory box and when you check in you tell them you need to declare a firearm. The longest extra it has taken me is probably around 15 min. Tennessee is fairly easy for best measure leave it in the case and put it in the trunk. Were in TN are you visiting?
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    HMH- two different posters- last one is going from TX to CA (I don't know WHY, but that is neither here nor there):p

    The case for the pistols will need to meet TSA standards. Yes, you can declare, have guns inspected, fill out card, lock case and then place inside your CHECKED suitcase. Make sure you do not have ammo ON you, and that any ammo is in boxes, not magazines- and fer God's sake, make SURE gun is unloaded before leaving the house!
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    you also need to make sure that the firearms your brnging are on the approved ca list or those communists will take them and sell them to mexican drug lords and put you in jail for transporting prohibited weapons