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    I have been working up loads for my new .308 and out of every 3 shot group I shoot 2 are touching and one ends up half inch or so away. I am shooting a savage scp-sr 24 inch barrel 1/10 twist and have been shooting mostly 168gr match kings I have used several diffrrnt loads using blc2 beben hnark and varget but they all seem to do the same thing with blc2 maybe being a little better than the others. Any ideas?
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    Two touching and one a half inch away is really a pretty good group. I wouldn't even worry about it. However, with that said, I have found that most "flyers" are most often caused by shooter error rather than by the rifle. Sometimes we tend to do something we are not even aware of to cause the flyer. Try to conciously keep everything exactly the same for each shot. You might also want to let the barrel cool for a couple of minutes between each shot. If all of my groups were like yours, I would be a very happy shooter.