Florida Gender Discrimination?

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by PTsouthpaw, Jan 21, 2011.

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    A friend of mine lives in Tallahassee, in a rougher area. After a few recent break ins in her apartment building she decided she wanted to get a firearm to keep for home defense. She has experience with firearms, and firearm safety, I know this because I have been shooting with her before.

    When she went to look at used firearms at pawn shops, she was told, at 4 different places, that women could not buy guns in Florida. Thinking logically, I told her there is no way that this is law, or legal. I am no legal expert, especially on the laws of a state other than the one I live in, but this seems like a no brainer to me. My friend is a resident of Florida, not just a student who lives there part time. What is the real deal here?
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    I'm not aware of any laws anywhere in the Country that prohibit women from purchasing firearms. Have your friend contact the Florida Dept. Of Justice. Something is not right here. Maybe she's leaving something out of the story.

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    Someone is not providing the correct information or is not telling the whole story. Gender has nothing to do with purchasing a handgun.
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    Either they are full of excrement, or she has neglected some key facts.
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    Or adding something to the story.
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    That's what I thought. I am going to ask her the exact words she was told, and what exactly went down, but I do remember her saying that at some of the pawn shops she could barely even get anyone to talk to her when she came in. I am thinking it could have something to do with the integrity of the places she went, that is the only guess I have other than she is lying to me about why she was denied(pretty sure she doesn't have any criminal record, but you never knoww...). I have already suggested she talk to the DOJ. I think it was a shotgun she was looking for, she won't be old enough for a handgun for a couple of months.

    I wish I lived closer, and I would go to one of these alleged pawn shops to witness it. It's not that I don't believe her, I just have a hard time believing that these shop proprietors are so scummy.
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    I've been in literally hundreds of pawn shops and the ones that had good people running them I could count on one hand. Try sending her to YOUR gun shop, don't go with her, and see what respose she gets.

    Those pawn shops may be great, I just know what they're like around here.
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    Well, we live in America, don't we?

    Step 1. She should contact local law enforcement, and offer to help set up a "sting" operation, where she might get a wire on her and maybe a camera, and attempt to go into one of the pawn shops and buy a gun.

    Step 2. If they refuse on grounds that "she is a woman", police have their evidence for criminal trial, and I'm SURE that any lawyer would pick up her case in order to get a settlement/sue out of existence the pawn shops she's dealing with.

    Step 3. $$$$.

    Now, all of this assumes that she can legally buy a gun in the first place (not a felon, etc) and that she isn't lying about what is going on.

    I'd love to have pawn shops like that around my area. I could be a much richer man.