Flintlock/Sawed Off Look

Discussion in 'DIY Projects' started by starving030, Mar 1, 2013.

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    Any ideas on a pistol that can have an extended barrel or be modified to have the look of a sawed off or Flintlock/pirate gun? Similar to this one but with a shorter barrel.

    I've always liked the look but really don't want to go through the rifle to pistol to SBR to whatever paperwork nightmare. Plus, I am a project person so I can really get into spending a lot of time modifying a pistol. The Ruger Charger is pretty much designed to have this done to it but I am curious about other calibers. The Encore single shot is close and should be easy to give the look, but it is only a single shot. I would like to have multiple shots like a Charger.

    The Charger makes it so easy because of the interchanging parts to the 10/22. So maybe there are other pistols out there that act the same?

    Any ideas or thoughts? Good, bad or otherwise. All input appreciated.