Flattery of the first Degree..!

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    I got a phone call from my son today that just made my day..! :) he apparently finally saw my video (Dango Samurai Funk) on You-Tube..! :) As I said , I was very , very secretive about my martial arts background , yeap , not even my son
    new much...! Very humble , barely not there at all..! If he would have shown interests , I would have gladly shown him.! I have mentioned it
    More than once , but the un-Kool parent thing , you know.! :)

    Well , guess who bought a bokken..? :) yeap , my very own son..! :D Via phone ,
    He wants to learn , never really new or had much interests , you know , parental syndrome..? For you can not possibly be Kool , for you are my father..! Eeeek.!
    Ear to ear smile , oh yeah , the neatest compliment I've ever gotten , I am humbly on his (Kool-o-meter) ...!

    Well , he's evidently got good taste too , wonder where he got that from ..! :eek:

    EAR TO EAR , OH YEAH....! :D
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    AWESOME. Happy for ya. :)