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    This is a pic of the suppressor sight set up on my mini (which I just got on a even trade for a Cetme :))
    I have already removed the roll pin and suppressor and want to remove the blade sight which is tight on the barrel. I am assuming that will need to be tapped off but I just wanted to make sure before doing any damage.

    The choate (World's Largest Supplier of Firearm Accessories, Gun Parts and Gunsmithing Tools - BROWNELLS )
    It says in the instal description that it is held in with a set screw.
    Is this correct? I thought they were held in with a roll pin through the bottom of the barrell. IF this is the case is it that hard to drill out the barrell to acept the pin? Ort should I have it done prof.?
    Obviously the top of barrell has been factory drilled for the blade sight . will drilling out the bottom have adverse affects?
    Is the Choate sight any better? Is this even worth the effort?
    Thank you gentelmen for any help or opinions
    I hope I was clear in the description on I want to do with this project

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    I think I have what you need...and I'm currently discounting the first-run production of these for guys here on the forum...

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    KMO, that's sweet, some questions.

    Legal in CA?

    How much?

    Is it here yet?
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    While you are looking at one, look at adding a Mo-Rod.