Flash suppressor/muzzlebrake hybrids.

Discussion in 'Firearm Accessories & Gear' started by TrueNorth, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. TrueNorth

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    Hey all, looking to fancy up the cz858, but keep it functional, and am looking at muzzlebrakes or flash suppressors.

    I know what each of those items is supposed to do, but as I am searching for parts I keep seeing some listed as both flash suppressor and muzzlebrake. I'm wondering if these hybrid parts are equal to either of their single-function brethren - or are they more of compromise piece that does both sorta, but neither well.

    I guess it come down to this. Is a hybrid hider/brake usually better or worse than a single function brake, or flashider?

  2. JTJ

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    I removed the one that came on my used Mini 30. I dont see how they could possibly work. Go with either the brake of the hider but dont go for a combo. They are not compatible. I believe it is just "looks cool" to some people and wont do either job.

  3. TrueNorth

    TrueNorth New Member

    Thanks. That's basically what I thought, they looked great, but I wasn't sure how the two ideas could be combined successfully.

    I just figured that I don't know everything, and maybe some manufacturer figured out how to combine them.

    If they could be combined, that would be neat, but unless someone can tell me that they really are successful in that format I figure I'll stick to the more basic versions.

    Thanks though.
  4. Tackleberry1

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    Basic is good. I had a post ban AR with a factory installed muzzle brake.
    What an obnoxious POS.
    Unless your shooting something north of a 338 lapua
    Magnum and ACTUALLY need a break I'd advise you stick with a flash suppressor. The added noise of a break makes most anything misserable to shoot, especially at the range, lots of dirty looks.