flash light mount on a barrel

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  1. ItsmeShane

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    ive seen a bunch of these videos and pictures of lights mounted on a shotgun, but all of them have the extended mag tube. would it be alright to mount one on the barrel? just for an extra light for when me and some buddies are out in the swamp at night and the spotlight battery dies.
  2. ndtiger

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    yes. they make several differnt mounts that mount to the barrel

  3. rifleman1

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    remember when you mount your light on your gun you have to point it at what you want to see and some times it might not be a bad guy but a loved one or friend jus somthing to think about.
  4. Flint Rock

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    For this a flashlight in your back pocket is the way to go. Waving a shotgun mounted light around to see by in a group in a swamp sounds way past unsafe to me.
  5. JonM

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    get a headlamp. putting a light on shotgun and your buddy says HEY look at this or yells for help you have to point a loaded weapon at them to see...
  6. jimbobpissypants

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    With a quality light, you really don't have to aim a shotty at an object to see what it is. You do have to aim in the general vacinity, but you don't have to sweep through the object.
    Firearms instructors actually teach these tequniques using a weapon mounted light. Remember, a light spreads out as it leaves the lamp. It is not like a laser, which is a perfectly straight line.
    Using a hand lamp with a pump gun can be a little tricky to learn how to hold the light and rack the gun. Gives ya alot of stuff to fumble with.
    Come to think about it, I think the sportsman channel still runs a show called Personal Defense TV. If it is still on, they have done shows on how to use weapon mounted lights on shottys, black guns, and handguns.
    Using a hand held light is much easier with a handgun. One hand on gun, one on light.
    With all that said, In a swamp, I would still away from a weapon mounted light. A head lamp sounds like a more user friendly solution.
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  7. ItsmeShane

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    my gun is NEVER loaded until im ready to shoot. shells are in my pocket.