Flash hiders, brakes, compensators and the like

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    Are there legal definitions for devices that you put on the end of a barrel? I'm not talking about suppressors, SBR's, or state laws governing flash hiders. I'm talking about an off the shelf rifle of standard length, and a random design muzzle device.
    If I'm not mistaken, it would become a silencer once it decreases the DB by anything at all. How does one without fancy equipment determine that?

    So, what I'm really asking, is there a legal definition of things you put on the end of your barrel somewhere? A web search turns up lots of info, but no legal definitions, really.
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    If you live in a socialist paradise like Illinoise Newyark commifornia newjarsy etc where murders of defenseless citizens are celebrated there is not one other than what constitutes a suppressor

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    50 states, 50 rules.

    BTW, it is a muzzle BRAKE (personal irritation of mine)

    This is a flash hider- intended to hide the muzzle flash from the shooter
    flash hider.jpg

    This is a flash suppressor- intended to reduce the visible signature of a rifle firing
    flash suppressor.jpg

    This is a muzzle brake- intended to reduce recoil by redirecting gasses
    flash muzzle brake.jpg

    This is a compensator. Redirects gasses to compensate for muzzle climb when firing.
    cutts compensator.jpg

    None of which matters when you have idiot politicians passing laws about guns that have the thing that comes up over.....
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    Damn autocorrect. Yes, I meant brake. Since I live in NH, there aren't too many laws about such things. I was wondering more about federal laws.
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