FL private sale?

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    I have a question that I just cannot find the answer to no matter how much searching. I guess the short of it is Do you have to be a Florida resident to buy a handgun from a Florida resident in a private sale?
    Nowww....if you want the long story go ahead and read below. :p
    My husband is an active duty Marine and we have orders to Cali. He has essentially traded one desert for another. :D
    Gues who (me) goofed around and forgot to go get the permit for NC until about a week ago and it is not back yet?!?! Sooo, another active duty Marine has a pistol that he bought in Florida (his home of record) that he has offered to sell to me. But in NC you have to have the permit even for a private party sale. That is where my question comes in I guess.
    My other option is that my husbands home of record is Texas and we will be going through there on our way to 29 palms (yeah, look it up. Its a wasteland, lol). I haven't looked up the Tx laws yet...haven't gotten that far and before anyones asks...he was deployed and didn't want to bother going through his command and getting a letter signed all the way up the chain of command since it is gonna be my gun anyway. I have looked into the CA laws some and I know I can't have the extended mag.
    Oh, I guess I should stop...longwinded...whewww...;)