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    My dad gave me 2 Browning shotguns that belonged to my Grandpa. I would like to fix them up and bring them back to shooting condition again. I do not know the first thing about fixing gun and need a little help. Should I hand them off to a Gunsmith or do some work myself? I have some mechanical abilities and can figure out some easy stuff(with guidance). Will I get ripped off by a Gunsmith not knowing what the gun needs? They both seem to function alright, just look at little rough. Thanks!

    1. StevensBrowning620 12 Guage/ JStevens Arms Company ????? Falls. Mass.USA (Stated on Barrel). Unknown year. Gate is missing. Pump

    2. Browning Arms Company St. Louis Mo. *Special Steel 12GA.- Shells 2-3/4
    1Kg064(Automatic). Bottom of butt stock states, "Browning Automatic FN".

    How much would expect to pay for minor repairs?
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    If you are not sure what to do you are better off to hand them over to a qualified gunsmith. A weapon improperly put together can cause a bad problem for the shooter. Plus a gunsmith can tell you weather or not it's actually worth the trouble to try or just get them set up as well hangers.

    I'm one that is all for people restoring old weapons. Especially handed down family weapons. I have an old Triumph 12 gauge that was my Dad's I never fire it but love to take it out and remember when he first let me shoot it.

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    Some older shotguns should not be shot (a smith can tell if you if yours may.)
    Never ask a smith how much the firearms are worth if they are family "hand-me-downs". You know how much they are worth to you. If you can document the history of the guns (with photos of Grandpa holding it), future generations may enjoy them more.