Fixing Photo bucket holes?

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    When I am not Shure of something gun related, I use the search function rather than starting another thread.
    I see no reason to rehash a subject, that has already been covered previously.
    The problem is after the Photo bucket scam, many photos no longer exist in those threads.
    Is there a way to repost those photos by the original posters, without them being brought back to the top?
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  2. 7.62 Man

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    There may be some of my posted pictures that were on TinyPic & when it went under all those pictures were lost. TinyPic was supposed to be part of Photo Bucket but Photo Bucket didn't pick up the pictures that were posted through TinyPic & all were lost. I had about a week notification to try to save the pictures but when I have to work & trying to keep up with other responsibility's there wasn't time to recover them. If it's your pictures you could re-post them with an explanation of what you are doing.
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  3. W.T. Sherman

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    these on-line picture sites can go just like that, I had pictures on a site called HUNT 101, that went away without any warning. but I wasn't out of losing any pictures, because I kept them on my computer and only used HUNT to post them on BB.

    don't ever delete the picture on your computer you post on-line. save them all in a folder.

    I believe that if the original poster goes in and edits his original post, that shouldn't bring that thread up to the top. threads only go up to the top if a new post is added, not if you edit......I believe .

    in any event, if the edited post does bring the thread up to the top, just add a new post saying edited post #XX for new picture. that will tell everyone why that ancient thread came up to the top.
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