Five-seveN USG vs Sig P229

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    Hello there, I need a gun for myself for self defence and have been reading a lot about the subject and have come to this two guns and find it hard to decide between them both.

    Sig P229 .357 Sig
    Five-seveN USG 5.7x28mm
    or maybe an 10mm

    Which one would you choose and why?

    If you want to suggest another pistol it is Ok, just keep it to rounds of similar ballistic properties., so please -do not- suggest some magnums or .45s. Oh, and cost is unimportant to me.

    All comments very welcome, thanks.
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  2. WDB

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    Welcome to the forum, Best to go by the new members thread and introduce yourself before asking questions. You will get a better answers to your questions after you tell the members more about you first.

  3. sweeper22

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    Out of curiousity, what has pushed you toward these calibers if you don't mind my asking? Is there some sort of specific application or do you simply prefer the unique? Obviously, velocity seems to be a priority.

    For practice ammo particularly, .357sig and 10mm will be both expensive and at times, difficult to find. Not much disparity in JHP prices, however. But right now there's plenty of FiveseveN ammo out there and much of it's on sale.

    The FiveseveN is a very cool gun. Not an ideal size for carry on your person, but a versatile gun nonetheless. It's something I've had my eye on for a while. Something about a gun that holds 20-30 rounds of .223-esque tumbling bullets traveling 2000fps just makes me smile a bit...almost like an AR hiding in a handgun.

    I have a Sig 226 in .357sig. It's a nice gun, sort of an extreme +P+ 9mm. The nice option is that you can purchase a .40sw barrel (for about $150) and shoot both fast-flyers and heavy-hitters out of the same gun. And honestly, the .40 is probably a more practical (and cheaper, easier to find) round for most defense situations. The 229 is better size for carry than the FN or many 10mm guns, and it's a rock solid, reliable, accurate gun.

    I don't know too much about 10mm, except that every 10mm design I like is a which case I'd just go for the .45acp myself. If you do get a 10mm, I hear Double Tap Ammunition offers some of the best bullets.
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    Stay away from the 5.7 for legit self deffense, parts, mags and ammo are not easy to find in an emergency.
    Go with the 229, I have a friend with one and they are great guns, however, get the caliber swap option, you can get a factory kit that allows you to change between .357 and .40 cal barrels, in an emergancy this can be a lifesaver because .40's are so easy to find at any store that carries ammo.
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    If it's for SD then He would already have ammunition and magazines. The gun comes with three. Three 20 rounds mag and you can get 10 extensions bringing up the total round count to 90 on you. Fully loaded weighs about half what the Sig does.

    Even works for Zombie threats.
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    Hi, thanks for the comments.

    WDB: ok, there is not much to say but might think off something.

    mr1911: hehe, what kind of emergency are you thinking about that require me to find lots of ammo in any store? :p I can think of better methods against a zombie apocalypse ty! :d and, uhm, I don't like a bit the idea of cartridge adapt at all, so many problems! in a moment of crisis the less thing I need is a broken gun. Still, thank you for the comments!

    sweeper22: Several factors actually, but overall ballistic quality and kinetic transfer were the main two, blunt cartridges are not my style.


    I don't expect having so many rounds just for defense and if needed, I can always pile up ammo at home anyway, plus I really love the ballistics of the 5.7 above even 10mm but with a way lower recoil, the recoil was the main reason (not the only) of why I embraced the .357sig over 10mm

    I have decided for the 5.7... I am a huge fan of Herstal after all! :)

    ttyl ty!