Five-Seven discussion anyone?

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  1. Broke124

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    How effective do you think the 5.7x28 round would be in terms of stopping power as compared to .45 acp, .40 s&w and that sort of thing?

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  2. JonM

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    out of a handgun... about like a 22mag. thats the power level of civilian ammo. the rounds that make it effective are not available even to reloaders.

    out of a rifle its like a weak 5.56.

    got to shoot a fn 5.7 once. it had trouble feeding, was fun to shoot once it got going. i wasnt impressed with it. definately not something i would consider as a definsive carry round.

  3. USMC_Richey

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    Yeah you will always here the stories, "but a five-seven can penetrate bullet proof vests!" Just learn to nod politely and ignore it. It's the rounds inside that make it more or less, for lack of a better word, deadly. People also talk about the amount of rounds it can hold, and that's cool n all, but if you can't put them in the target accurately, or not at all because they feed like crap, it really doesn't help you much. It's becoming more novelty than anything, like the desert eagle. Meant for glass shelfs and video games. ;)
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    ;)The five seven is an awesome defense gun. Hi velocity knock down power, accurate at extreme distance if needed, hi mag capacity, light weight even with 30 rounds!! I love it & carry it often. Alternate between my Glck 30 .45 and the five seven. Have the SPECTRE supressor for it, really quiet!! Highly recommend...)
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    I owned a fn 5.7 for a shot while because my buddie was in a hard financial situation. While I had it I didnt enjoy it. Ammo is hard to find and expensive. The gun feels cheap and the ergonomics of the gun are difficult to use with one hand. The 5.7 is called the cop killer because there are a few green tip bullets made for the gun. The green tips are illegal to own because the can pierce armor. The gun gets a bad rep because of that. As far as knock down power, there is none. This is like the pistol verson of a .223. The round will go right through you.

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