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Discussion in 'General Shotgun Discussion' started by Zeego, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. Zeego

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    Hey there everyone great to be here! I've never owned a gun and I'm looking to buy my first shotgun to do some skeet shooting and for home protection.

    Most of the people that I've talked to said the Remington 870 is the way to go. I love the idea that the gun is really cheap and bombproof but I also don't mind spending a little bit more to get something better. Maybe in the $500-$600 range? A salesman today at Academy Sports suggested a Stoeger 2000.

    What is everyone's opinion on this? I really appreciate the input. :)
  2. orangello

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    My Mossberg 500 cost a good bit less than your budget; it has never let me down. I now have an 18.5" barrel for home defense and the original 28" modified choke barrel for hunting or keeping the clay pigeon population in check. I think i have maybe $300-350 in it, but i bought it with the hunting barrel, used and a bit ugly.

    Consider a Mossy & a crapload of target ammo for practicing (and ear plugs and shooting glasses).

  3. UnderFire

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    Depending on where you live, certain Wal*Marts (not all Wal*Marts sell firearms) have the best price on Remington 870's. Remington 870's are legendary, I own 2 of them. I have owned my since the eighties. Never have had a problem with my Rem 870's: they've been in the rain, dropped in mud, slide down embankments, etc.

    If you want to spend a little more check out Winchester's 1300 series shotguns. They have a smooth action allowing the user to cycle the pump very fast. They have the fastest pump action of any shotgun I have used.
  4. Grey

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    I have a 20Gauge Charles Daly for skeet shooting and a 12Gauge Mossberg 500 for hunting. Im gonna buy a Benelli 12Gauge for home defense.

    My advice is to buy a 20Gauge Charles Daly with a decent barrel length for skeet shooting. Its light a fun to shoot. Get a semi-auto. Theyre fairly inexpensive. Under $300.

    Then go out n get a 18.5 inch Mossberg 500 pump actionfor home defense.
    It'll run ya about 300 or so. Two great guns for a good price.