First time shooting the .454 Cassull, .50AE, & .410 today.

Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by BeanStationBluegrasser, Feb 2, 2012.

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    A close friend of mine took me over to a place at Elrod Falls near Sneedville, TN today to shoot his Judge, Raging Judge, & 24k gold Desert Eagle .50AE. I shot 6 .410 shells with the long barrelled Raging Judge. Shot 6 .454 Cassulls with the Judge. & shot 1 .50AE from the Deagle. I think because of the smaller grip on the Judge, the .454 kicked me much harderthan on the heel of my hand than the .50AE although the .50 did bring my hands up much farther. It was my first time shooting any of these rounds & I loved it. The .454 really put a hurting on the heel & palm of my right hand though. Quite an exhilarating experience.
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    Have you considered how much your lady friend might appreciate a nice bearskin rug this valentine's day? That .454 could be a bit more effective than Cupid's arrows; put some bear down and see if she doesn't just love it.