First Time shooting G19!!

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by Matt Williams, May 22, 2010.

  1. Matt Williams

    Matt Williams New Member

    Wow, I love this gun. I had an 8"x8" board and hit 13 out of 15 rounds from 25-30 feet away. This is the first time to shoot this gun and I loved how smooth and how the trigger felt.

    Keep in mind I am familiar with the kel-tec P-11 which is a great gun and was 100% reliable over 200 rounds but the long trigger pull I hated. I would have been lucky to hit 1/2 the bullets fired at a 8x8 board with this gun. It always shot low and slightly to the left so i was not sure if it was the gun or operator. I guess you get what you pay for $249 vs $475.

    I loved shooting the Glock 19 and feel with a little practice I can get much more accurate and maybe narrow my target down to a 4" sq. board from 25-30 feet.:)

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