First Time Shooting Clays

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by Polygon, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. Polygon

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    Well, not my first time. I've casually shot clays with family and friends with hand throwers. But last weekend my uncle invited me and my dad out to shoot a course. I'd never done this before and I hadn't shot my new Weatherby SA-08 yet. I've had it for quite a while and it was time to break it out.

    Everyone else was shooting with over-unders while I was semi-auto. The gun cycled flawlessly. We shot 10 stations, so 100 rounds. It was a ton of fun. The gun functioned great, me, not so much. I scored 51/100. I was disappointed because I normally hit almost every clay when we go shooting. But considering this was my first time, the clays were moving much faster, the patterns were different, and some were much farther away. Not to mention, it was two clays at once. I didn't feel I did too badly for my first time out. Just more motivation to go again and get better. Plus, my father has done this before and he also hunts pheasant regularly and he got a 54/100.

    It was a perfect day and one of the coolest things was on station two. One of the clays shoots straight up and you catch it on the apex as it comes down. I hit that one every time. But on the last one I missed. I shot too soon, but the wad hit it dead center and broke it. It was funny to think you missed and then it breaks suddenly. And then you realize it was the wad. I do need to work on my grip though. My arm is still bruised. I had to have been holding the gun wrong.

    What a great day. Too bad the snow has come and the season is over. Come spring I know I'm going to have to head out again. Maybe I'll try trap while I'm out there.
  2. shadecorp

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    My friends and I spent many hours on trap and skeet ranges.
    Great fun.

  3. Garadex

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    Don't worry I am horrible with a shotgun. My score would have been something like 13/100.
  4. BullseyePrecision

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    Its great fun. My cousin and I started shooting regularly and in nsca competitions about 4 years ago. The only bad thing I can say about it is its an expensive hobby but its to much fun to give up.
  5. Blueguns

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    Sounds like a blast! I always love shooting clays.
  6. Old_Crow

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    If you do the math you shoot 99 clays and have 100 shells. You can use three shots on one double. If you are shooting 100 clays you should have 101 shells. That is why most people who shoot competitions like the Beneli semi-autos. In skeet you have 24 mandatory stations and one shell for an optional shot. Shooting skeet will up your score on the clays and you get more bang for the buck. 25 @ $8 plus ammo. Sporting clays are usually $40 for 50 or $100 for 100 for guests in this area. That includes golf cart rental.
  7. jonnyb1

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    I love shooting clays but my local range requires steel shot so i dont do it much any more.
  8. clearsights

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    I've been wanting to do this for awhile. I found a local outdoor range that allows it but it has to be scheduled. I might have to get another shotgun besides the 590a.
  9. gvw3

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    My son and I shoot trap every weekend. Lot's of fun. 51 1st time out isnt that bad. Remember with a field gun aim right at the clay. Trap guns are made to shoot high field guns shoot right on.