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    It was the first time out this year for me and a couple old friends. Weather was sunny and in the 60's. When we got to the range we had to spend some time in clean up of winter debris. When that was over we got down to some plinking. Wow! were we rusty, not shooting for three months sure showed up on the targets. After a while we started getting back in the groove.

    What did we shoot?

    Well Jim brought his Tula made Winchester Wildcat Target .22lr topped with a Barska Varmint 6-24x42 scope sitting in Weaver #4930 rings. This whole rig is bargan priced and I think from the shooting results is worth the $350.00 package price. Today Jim was shooting CCI Mini Mags because he doesn't want to make a dent in his limited supply of CCI Std. Velosity Target which the rifle prefers. It even likes Wolf Match Target better but like most places it is not available here at this time. We tired some of the Federal Champion 40gr. Hi. Vel. that I had with me and it shot better than the Mini Mags in this rifle. We were able to hit the golf ball hanging down at the 100 yard mark so you can't complain too much about that.

    Jim also had his S&W Model 22A with an AIM red dot on top. This is also a low cost package. It also likes the CCI Std. Vel. but we could hit the golf ball hanging at 50' with the Mini Mags if we took our time. This pistol is surely no competition for something like a S&W Model 41 but Jim only has around $250.00 wrapped up in it and it will give you a days plinking fun.

    Bob brought his Ruger SR9 and was firing my 124gr. fmj reloads of 4.2grs. of HP-38. Only complaint we have had shooting that pistol is the long heavy and grity trigger. He sent it back to Ruger shortly after he got it because the trigger was just ridiculously heavy. Ruger did help the trigger considerably but there is still room for improvement. No complaints about accuracy of the pistol and Bob can pretty consistently hit the 15" steel plate hanging at 50 yards.

    I brought my S&W M&P9 Pro Series that I got last fall. Still don't have a lot of rounds through it so this time I just burned up a lot of my 124gr. fmj reloads shooting at the the hanging steel plates anywhere from 50' out to 50 yards. If I will do my part of sight alignment and trigger control the steel rings but I just don't do my part correctly all the time. I am sure that doesn't happen to any of you. The tripper on the Pro is much better than others I have tried but it still retains some of that "staple gun" feel so common with striker fired pistols. I would definitely recommend this pistol to anyone looking at similar guns and it is made in the USA.

    I also brought one of my favorite pistols with me and that is a Ruger Mk III Hunter with a Matchdot II red dot. I have added a Volqartsen trigger kit, Sam's bushing and Majestic Colo Bolo grips. I can not say enough about what I like with this handgun. The trigger is light, crisp and no creep. That red dot is the cat's meow and I suggest anyone considering a red dot to take a hard look at the Matchdot II. This pistol also shows a preference for CCI Std. Vel. Target but I only have five boxes left so I am holding them back and shot Federal Champion 40gr. Hi. Vel. You do your part and this pistol will certainly do it's. I just wish I could shoot my other handguns as well as I can this one.

    Now we are all getting up there in age (+70) and it showed in forgetfulness.:D We had stopped at McD's for coffee and some of those little apple pies that we planned on eating with lunch. Well when we left the range there sat the pies still in the truck, huh!:eek: When Bob left me off at my house I forgot the leftover half of my sub sandwich which I had planned for supper, huh!:eek: When Bob got home he found the sub and called me to let me know. He also said that he had dropped Jim off at Jim's home and then gone home himself only to find Jim'd car in his driveway. Seems Jim had driven over to Bob's house in the morning and they both had forgotten. So Bob had to drive back to Jim's and pick him up and bring him back to get his car, huh!:eek:

    What will all the dumb stunts we did manage not to shoot ourselves and there was not a single malfunction of any kind with guns or ammo.:D It was a great time and glad to get back out and shoot again.

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    Haha. Great story. Looks like you all had some fun in spite of the problems. Hopefully next time is less eventful.

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