First time out/ my new M700 300 win Mag

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by Silvertip 44, Mar 4, 2010.

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    First of all, I haven't shot a magnum rifle like this in about 20 years and it was a friends .338 Win Mag. So as yall might understand I was somewhat skeered and a little more than nervous about this thing. I know now that my M1s and M1As don't have any recoil compared to this .300.
    I set up at the 25 (left target) and fired a shot. I had to see how bad this gal was going to act. Well, I hit about 2 1/2 inches left so I fired another one for effect and hit a little lower. I adjusted right and put the next two in the lower left side of the 10 ring. Tweaking the scope a little more the fifth shot hit in the diamond. I figured I had it in the bag now so I trekked on down to the 100.
    Got all set up and got a little jittery again so first two hit high (right target) where I expected but not together. i adjusted the scope and busted the diamond.
    I decided to put another into the diamond and pulled right.
    Anyway Joe told me to zero one inch high at 100 since we will try to zero next Wednesday weather permitting. I fired another and got it up a bit and the last one hit exactly one inch up so I quit.
    I have decided that after we shoot next week, I will leave the rifle with Joe and have a muzzle brake installed. I spec that in my old age I may be getting a shade wimpy, but for a few bucks more i won't let that thing beat on me like that. Elk watch out cause here I come.
    I tried to attach the targets, but it won't let me.
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    Did she have a little bite to her Silvertip? Not bad shooting for the first time out. Your gun has a heavy barrel doesn't it? With the factory stock my Savage 110FLP would put the whoopin on ya,but after I put it in the Choate and filled it full of shot,I can shoot a couple hundred rounds out of it in a day. My Ruger #1 with the brake on it,still kicks like a 30/06,but it sure shoots good.

    If you get a brake installed,make sure to get the gunsmith to make you a thread protector so you can hunt with or without the brake. Your point of impact might change a little so you might want to practice shooting with it both ways so you will know how much it actually changes POI.