First time gun owner in ny

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    I have had recent break ins in my part of town and im loosing alot of sleep thinking about it so ive come to the conclusion its time to get a gun. I have a question, Can I just walk into my local gun store and buy a shot gun like I plan on doing and walk out without signing paperwork and putting my privacy at risk. I know you have to have a permit for pistols but isnt it different for shotguns? Thanks for the help -Joey D
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    Welcome to the FTF. The next time you login, stop by our "Introductions" area and say "Hi".

    The best thing to do is to get familiar with the laws of your state. Asking for free legal advice on the internet is not the best source.

    A local firearms dealer can assist. The Federal requirement of the BATF 4473 being completed will have to be met if you purchase through a retailer. The form is kept with the retailer for 30 years or if they close shop.

    Other state requirements will have to be met. Violating you privacy does not have to be a worry with the firearms dealer, but the state requirements may be something else.

    Welcome to the world of firearms ownership, and please, get some training in the safe handling of your new possession.

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    Barky dogs are another good anti-burglary tool. Sorry about your geographical disadvantage.
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    Taking a basic firearms safety course is a good starting point and you might get some of your questions answered there.