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    So, as someone new to wanting a gun, there seems to be a lot of information and misinformation floating around about the process of acquiring a handgun in the city of Boston.

    I seem to have found out most of what goes into this process, but I have some serious questions about the so-called "Moon Island Range Test".

    It seems like a test designed to make it as hard as possible for people to obtain a license without shelling out lots of money for practice tests on top of the cost of the basic safety course.

    My question is, what exactly is this test, how harshly is it graded, and can someone with little to no experience pass it without massive amounts of practice?

    Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on this subject. Three cheers for MA and the dozens of hoops you have to jump through to exercise your rights!
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    Fairly good description of the actual firing session. Scroll way down to get to that.

    Looks like 7 yards and 15 yards. It is passable IF you can handle a handgun proficiently and SAFELY. Note that this is not (within reasonable limits) a timed shoot.

    Would I be practicing beforehand? Yes. With a coach? Yes. Someone that can observe and call my attention to any unrealized shortcomings (muzzle not downrange, etc).

    I will skip the obligatory exhortation to get the hell out of there and move to a gun friendly state- stay there, get your paperwork cleared, remain a thorn in the paw of the liberals. :D

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    That test is not bad at all. With adequate practice you will be fine. Like said above, get some training and practice. It's no more than you should do anyway as a responsible gun owner. No sense carrying a loaded firearm if you are completely unable to hit what you are aiming at. We had to shoot a few offhand shots here in NC. It got me started practicing that and I soon realized I am pretty good lefty. Kind of fun. Enjoy the process.
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    we had timed shooting for the CCW in MN back in 03.
    you put 18 rounds (two reloads required) didn't matter if your gun held 18, you had to reload twice. Had ONE minute to shoot a target (full sized silhouette) at 15 feet and 21 feet. 36 rounds total. This class was 16 hours as I recall.
    It was easy, I got 100% and had LOTS of time left over. I used a glock model 30 (compact 45) with a 3-1/4 inch barrel or whatever it is.

    In AZ, it was NOT timed (back in 05). Had to do 2 head shots at 3 yards,
    6 body shots at 3 yard, 6 body at 7 yards, 10 body at 10 yards with one reload required. Again I used the GLOCK 30, and maxed the score.
    that was full sized silhouette also. The class in AZ was 16 hours back then.

    Now, in AZ, anybody can carry open or concealed provided you are not a felon.
    Don't know about MN anymore as I moved out of that bastion of liberalism back in 05. Best move I ever made.