first time at a new range.. very disturbing

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    first time at a new range.. very disturbing...

    i was looking for a C.C. Training class, found one nearby on the Internet, i saw pictures of the range on their website. it looked modern, well done. their gun shop was pristine very good selection of pistols and rifles..good fair prices.

    i drive out, there was a line so checked out the range, looked thru the window in the door to the firring line. very nice, a shelf behind for personal effects, chairs.. huge ventilator system, made lots of noise.

    the line at the register cleared and i signed up for the class, and they offered me a year membership to the range at half price with the training.. of course i took it. it's the only one within 30 miles, and this one is easy to get to.

    i went out and got my gear out of the truck, glasses, ear protection, got into the range.... THE VENTILATION WAS RUNNING BACKWARDS.!!!!!!!.. IT SUCKED EVERYTHING IN YOUR FACE..!!!!!!.

    i shot 2 clips in my brand new Beretta 9mm 92FS Inox.. and had to leave because of the headache. 24 hours later i still have some of the headache and sore throat and my lungs hurt a little. just as i was leaving there was a gun powder fire on the floor that burned a good 10''s high for 15 seconds down a crack in the floor, lots of smoke sparks. i think some ejectum from a round i fired, or the guy next to me started it. i packed up and left.

    i am very disturbed about this... it is just WRONG in So many ways. there were young children and women in there... the gun powder smoke was awful, it was bluein there. 7 people shooting 9mm and 45 cal guns. about 10-12 slots.

    any suggestions.... on how to deal with this.?? i don't want to piss off a lot of anti government control red necks with guns, I'm obviously a carpet bagger here. but i feel something needs to be done to protect the innocient... lead is bad enough for children and women, but the powder gasses, particulates are really bad too..
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    Would start by having a POLITE discussion with the manager/owner- but not at peak hours. It may something as simple as a service man screwing up replacing a motor in the vent system- but no, should not be pulling air TO you.

    The powder fire is ungood, and a symptom of lack of basic housekeeping. Range here in VA had a sizable flash fire a while back, with injuries.

    Explain to the owner that you are uncomfortable with what you have seen, and ask if he can address these, and let you know what actions are taken- as opposed to dictating what they MUST do- Only regulators can do that- and it puts people into the defensive mode. It is POSSIBLE that these may be matters he is not aware of.

    If not satisfied with action by owner, request cancellation and refund. If refused, file complaint with your state consumer affairs folks. If you charged membership, notify credit card company and contest the charge.

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    I have a card from the range that caught fire in Va Beach, and I used to shoot there a good bit during aircrew quals when I was in the Navy, but I have no intention of going back. Aside from the flash-fire and the criminal convictions for illegal firearms sales, the people working there are 80% assh*les. Anyone patronizing Lynnhaven Shooting Range is at the very least going to be disappointed, and at the worst, seriously injured.