first sig any help?

Discussion in 'SIG Sauer Forum' started by combateffective4, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. combateffective4

    combateffective4 New Member

    I was looking at a sp2022
    I own 2 glocks love them
    G30 G23 and a full size m&p 40&40c

    I am in between a Glock 19 or the sp

    I like the price point of the sp in the 9mm it will be a target/run and gun occasional concealed carry

    What do you think it stacks up against a g19
  2. drvsafe

    drvsafe New Member

    Both are great guns. I like the SA/DA of the SIGs over the trigger of the Glocks. Plus if you like DAO, I think you can convert the SP2022 to DAO. I am not a huge fan of polymer framed firearms, but that's me. I am a HIGE fan of SIG however. So I would say between the two, I'd go 2022.

  3. truevil1313

    truevil1313 Member

    I love my 2 SP2022's. After I bought the first one a shot it a few hundred times, I sold off all of my Glocks and bought another SP2022 in another caliber. They are a great gun for a great price. The triggers are much nicer and smother on the Sig's than Glocks, in my opinion.
    I keep one in my vehicle, and carry one on my person almost everyday.
    I have many other handguns in the safe, but the SP2022 is the one I carry most often.
    Get one and you will not be sorry(again, my opinion).
  4. karateguy28

    karateguy28 New Member

    i completely agree, both are great guns and you can't go wrong with either. in fact, my first handgun was between these 2 and i went with the Sig becausr it felt better in the hand and i liked the sights better. the glock 19 is practically legendary and their reputation speak for themselves, but the sp2022 is one of Sig's best secrets. congrats, you've obvoously done your research! again, you are in a win-win situation with your choices!
  5. SSGN_Doc

    SSGN_Doc Well-Known Member

    For IDPA I like the Glock over my Sig. Just the consistent trigger makes it a bit easier to shoot, instead of mastering the transition from double action to single action on the Sig.

    Both are excellent guns though. It will ultimately come down to personal preference.
  6. Stillersfan

    Stillersfan New Member

    I agree. I own both Sigs and Glocks, but I love the SA/DA of the Sig by far. Sig rules!
  7. jake1

    jake1 New Member

    I had this very same dilemma just today at my lgs. I was really torn between the glock19 and the sig2022. I ended up with the sig and can't wait to get to the range tomorrow.