First shots with DPMS LR-260

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    I bought this rifle a couple weeks ago,but the factory trigger was really bad. So,instead of spending around $200 or more on an aftermarket trigger I contacted Bill Springfield in Colorado.He requested the lower be sent so he could test his trigger job while he did his magic on it.
    The lower came back,and after a trip to the post office to pick it up I installed a Hogue grip and an ACE skeleton buttstock on the lower before putting the upper back on.
    Wow,I love this trigger now! Bill did a great job on it,I don't have a trigger pull gauge but it is pretty close to the 3lb trigger I requested,and has zero creep.
    For $68,it's hard to beat.If yo want a good trigger that doesn't break the bank,I'd highly recommend Bill's work.

    Here's a pic of the rifle-DPMS LR-260H (260 Remington) ACE stock,Hogue grip,Weaver riser,Burris Signature Zee rings with a Sightron SII 4-16x42 scope.


    I haven't had much time to load test loads,but I did get 5 sets loaded with 140gr Sierra Gameking's using H4350 powder. I loaded them out to maximum magazine length of 2.810" COAL.
    I just visually bore sighted the scope,so I knew it would be a little off. The first shot was 6" right and 6" low of center,so I adjusted the scope.The second shot was dead center and about 1.25" low,so I adjusted the elevation a little more,and the last 3 rounds were all in the center of the target.
    This load was 39.0 gr H4350-


    The buffer spring in this rifle is really stiff,the rifle short cycled once with this load,and the bolt didn't stay open after the last shot. It could be the load doesn't have enough pressure,or the spring is just too stiff in the buffer.

    The second loads had 40.0 gr H4350. These shot great,I did pull one shot,but the other four shots are just one hole around a 1/2" wide. Once again,the bolt doesn't stay open after the last shot. I think this spring is a bit heavy,or just needs to be shot more for it to break in. I'm not too concerned with this little problem since it is a brand new rifle.

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    The third set was 41.0gr H4350
    These shot good,I think I'm to blame for the group.The wind is also blowing about 15-20 mph from my back,but I'll blame me for it.


    The forth and fifth sets were shot on the same target-I'm lazy!
    I didn't care for the forth loading-41.5gr H4350,but the fifth set was a good load-42.0gr H4350. I'll be loading up more of these,and seeing what the chrono say's about them.


    For the first time out,the DPMS performed great.I'll figure out what the buffer spring/bolt hold open problem is. I think it just needs a couple hundred rounds ran out of it to get everything cycling right with the stiff spring.
    I'm happy with this rifle,it shoots great,doesn't weigh too much,and the recoil is nothing.

    I've got a bunch of bullets ordered for it,so I'll be busy working up loads with different powder/bullet combo's.If it shoots like it did the first time out,it'll be a great hunting/target rifle.


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    Great to see that kind if accuracy right off the bat. Looks like you'll have no problem tweaking some excellent loads for it.

    What mags are you using? Is the bolt stop traveling freely? Will the bolt lock back if you hand cycle it with an empty mag?
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    the 2nd and 5th groups are great! nice shooting and nice looking rifle! :D

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    I used both factory 20rd mags and also the 20rd P-Mags that I have.
    The bolt locks open fine when pulled back by the charging handle,I just think the buffer spring is a little stiff and the bolt doesn't fully travel all the way back when fired.
    If it doesn't start functioning correctly after a couple hundred rounds,I'll just cut the spring off a little and that should solve this issue.