First Saiga AK. Range report #1

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    On friday afternoon I picked up my long awaited saiga rifle. It was imported by EAA corp and was made in 2002. That evening I slaped on a tapco t6 stock and clear sgm mag. It felt like forever before I could test it out. Well, I finally shot it. And I was very happy with the results.
    Sunday evening I started out with two 20rd boxes of wolf 154grSP and one box of white russian walmart special 122grFMJ. I was shooting at pop bottles and it was pretty dark. The 16in barreled rifle reallly spits fire in the dark. This was just function test, I had a buffer but did not put it in yet, to narrow down problems if any did arise. None did. All 60 rds fired and cycled flawlessly and at the end, picking up the bottles and looking at them in the light, I found that I had about 40 entry holes in the 5 bottles. I was impressed, it was really dark out and I was half guessing.
    Monday morning came and I set up a target and some cinder blocks. The night before i noticed the metal on metal slap of the bolt hitting the back of the reciever, so I put my blackjack buffer on the recoil spring. I stepped off 27 yds for good measure and loaded up. First going slow, I was hitting very close to point of aim. I was standing with my fore hand on a tree to steady my sights. After 15 rds I let loose the rest of the 30rd mag. I was happy, I hit my target 22 times. Happy with the accuracy, I let my wife take a crack at the cinder blocks, lets just say she really enjoyed it. We shot 80 rds that morning with no problems what so ever.
    I feel fortunate it was used, I didnt have to do anything to the sights, quite convenient. Also the recoil buffer, while it doesnt cut down recoil itself (duh), it sure does wonders for that steel on steel contact. It did feel like a much smoother shooting gun with the buffer in, and didnt cause any malfunctions.
    140rds. No FTF, no FTE, no FTL, Perfect every shot. Well worth the money.

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    Nice range report, Glad to see you are enjoying your new ak.

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    Thanks for the report. Thats a good looking rifle and target.