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Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by 565Customz, Nov 23, 2007.

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    hey all. first post and im pretty new at this but im looking to jump in head first. Im looking at building a rifle to be used for long distance competition only. (800 yards and up) my question is what is the availiblity of the 416 barret ammo. (i dont know much about this ammo and have read several different things) also i have read that it is a shortened and necked down version of the 50 bmg. if this is true could i use a mcmillan 50 bmg action with a custom barrel designed for that ammo. Thanks guys


    ps i know a few terms but im not completely familiar with all the technical terms so if you could..dumb it down for me lol! thanks

    just realized you guys have a gunsmithing forum...ill post this in there
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    First of all welcome aboard.
    Next thing, I know nothing abt the round you are asking abt. except that you are going to have a pile of money invested in the gun and the ammo will require you form your own brass, and even then is going to be very expencive to shoot, I`m talking over $ 1 a round. I built a .22-6mm for a long range coyote gun. I built it on a Savage action and have alittle over $ 1,000 in the gun. I have another $ 1,050 in the scope that`s on it. Your gun will be more than twist the price of mine, the scope you couls get buy for alittle less, but not much. Dies and a press will cost you another couple $ 100.
    The thing that reall scares me is when you said you don`t know all of the terms. That leads me to think that you have never reloaded your own or just got started. If you don`t know what to look for as presure signs you have no business messing with wildcat as all data for them is suspect.
    Befor you go with that wildcat I would recomand you just buy a .50 BMG. It will be alot cheaper, blistics will be better, there is ammo available and you should be able to find reliable loading data for it.

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    I would first suggest that you figure out what competition that you want to do, and then figure out what is legal.

    I would suggest that you check out in F Class competition. It is fairly new, and has some pretty good rules. Also, they do use some common calibers, allow scopes.. etc....