First range visit with new Glock 27

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by paulbrower, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. paulbrower

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    Just got back from the range, where I fired my new shiny Gen 4 Glock 27 for the first time. (Just picked it up yesterday).

    To be honest, I'm quite shocked (in a good way). I've expended thousands of rounds through my Glock 17, and I'm already more accurate with the Glock 27, after shooting just 2 magazines (18 rounds total).

    The image below is my target from today. The top target was 2 magazines on my Glock 27, at 21 ft.


    I talked to a guy at the range who said it's common for people to shoot better with the subcompacts (for Glocks anyways).

    There's a million reviews out there on the G27, but I'll just say it felt great, and performed flawlessly. It'll take me a while to get the first 5000 rounds through it, but, like I have always done with my Glock 17, I keep a log of how many rounds, type of ammo, and any type of malfunction. I'll keep you all posted.

    By the way, here is the bench I was on today. Had my G17, G27, Ruger LCP, and my friend had his Mac 10 and a Springfield XD9. Lot's of fun!

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    They are a fine weapon and very accurate! I have had one for years and it is the ccw that I carry and take with me most of the time except for hot weather when wearing very light clothing. At 25 yards it will keep all of the rounds in the center box on a TQ-15 Target. I put the extension on mine which makes better positioning of the little (pinky) finger on the grip as well as added another round to the Mag. Great Shooting! :)


  3. DeputyDawg

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    Glad you're happy with your new 27, Paul. I too found that although I have put more rounds through my G22 (duty weapon), I shoot tighter groups with my G27 (CCW weapon).