First range trip with the Marlin

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    At a recent Gun show I picked up a Marlin Glendale Model 10 .22 rifle and took it to the range for the first time today. Nice little gun! I set up a target at 50 yards and commenced to putting holes in it. As this is the first rifle shooting I've done in quite some time, I figured I'd be doing good to hit the target. (Heck, that far away I can barely see it!) Anyway, I was pleasantly suprised to see holes magically appear when I looked through the binoculars! As I got the feel of the gun I realised it was shooting slightly high and left. I didn't mess with the sights on this trip, but will try that in the future. Ammo was a box of gun show specials, and assorted rounds that I had in my drawer for years. All in all a very fun day on the range, and good shooting little gun that I plan to hold on to.:)