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  1. Ruger Mini 14

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  2. Ruger m77 Gunsite

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  3. Smith and Wesson M&P 15

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  4. Savage 10fp-sr

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  5. M1 Garand

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  6. Mosin Nagant 91/30

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  1. GrieverIX

    GrieverIX New Member

    Like the title says, I'm looking to purchase my first firearm (awww, look at the newb) I'm new to the market, but definitely not new to shooting. However I do realize there is a difference between shooting a gun and owning one, maintaining it and paying for ammo and whatnot, hence the post. I've compiled a list of shooters that seem to fit the bill, the trouble is which one. My budget for the rifle itself is $800 with some wiggle room, and around $200 for extras like mags or optics. I will most likely buy used. The idea of this rifle isn't necessarily a "do-it-all" but not a niche gun either. It would see most daylight out at the range for now, but I still want a somewhat rugged gun for the outdoors. I probably wouldn't be shooting past 500 yds even with a more accurate rifle, but my range will obviously be determined by the weapon and cartridge, as well as what direction I take the rifle in. So here's the list and my line of thinking for each, in no particular order.

    -Ruger Mini 14:
    Reliable, rugged, easy. .223 is easy to get, and ballistics are enough to accomplish what I want. I dig the sights too.

    -Ruger Gunsite:
    Say what you will about the rifle, but all I know is I got to handle this one and it felt pretty good. It looks better in person, too. Would be nice to not have to worry about buying a scope right away and shoot while I save up for a good one. I can't stand express sights so the mini 14 sights seem to be ideal. And who can argue with an action based off the Mauser? Plus, even though I said .223 would be enough, the bang of a .308 always makes me smile. But something makes me feel like I should wait for a later model that's more thought through, and is in stainless.

    -Smith and Wesson M&P 15:
    This is one that I could go all out on. Possibly a Millett Designated Marksman Scope on top with Duek Defense rapid transition sights popping out the side. Fun enough for me. 5.45 is still pretty cheap, and those nasty terminal ballistics give it my favor over .223. Still my knowledge on this rifle is beginner at best. Any owner reviews would be appreciated.

    -Savage 10fp-sr:
    A more elegant weapon. Tack driving accuracy and awesome reliability, without the hi-cap mag railed for end black look that makes everyone think I'm either a psycho or tactical Call of Duty type (I'd rather appear be the first) I'm a big fan of bolt guns, and although I like a larger capacity for rounds, I know I probably don't need it (kicks dirt and sighs). But realistically this gun is streamlined and easy to carry, and I love that. While I haven't handled one yet, I did hold a Savage 111 and it felt like butta'. I love the accutrigger, and the action felt silky smooth. It's just classy to me. One of my top choices.

    -M1 Garand:
    I'm told that everyone should have one. I can find them for real cheap too. You all know this gun well enough so I'll go on.

    -Mosin Nagant 91/30:
    $85 used. It goes bang. I can light fires with it. It comes with a bayonet that I'll never use. It comes with a sight setting for 12 miles that I'll never use. It comes with a safety that I want to use, but can't. But it's a gun for a may-un (That's "man" pronounced the way it ought to be). Plus it would be enough to satiate me while I save up for an M14, which might make it a better choice than the others.

    So in summation:

    Ruger mini 14
    Ruger m77 gunsite
    Smith and Wesson M&P 15
    Savage 10fp-sr
    M1 Garand
    Mosin Nagant 91/30

    What do you guys reccomend and why?
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  2. jpattersonnh

    jpattersonnh Active Member

    You question is a very hard one. A 91/30 is cheap, and cheap to shoot. Any trigger time is good. It is fun and fairly accurate also. The safety works just fine.

    I would widen my scope if I were you. Look at a Swiss K31 and some GP11 ammo. 329.00 for a rifle and close to $1.00 a round for GP11, but it is match grade. Very close to .308 ballistics and uses .308 bullets to reload. 7.5x55 is a great long range round.

    Next I would look at a Swedish M96 or M38. $400.00 is the norm these days, but surplus ammo is about .33 cents a round. 6.5x55 is an incredible long range round.

    You can still buy a Yugo M24/47 for under $200.00 that looks arsenal new. 8x57 is still pretty cheap and the rifle is very accurate.
    If you play your cards right, you could buy 3 different rifles and ammo for $800.00.

    I'm not a big Ruger fan.. enough said.
    I've never heard of an elegant Savage, other then the 99. Mine carry like 2x4's.

    M1, I know this is sacrilege, but I would have preferred it in its' original .276 Pederson caliber.

    What ever .30-06 can do, the 8x57 has done.

    For an odd choice the Savage 99 or Browning BLR are both great choices as they are lever guns w/ VG accuracy and shoot high pressure cartridges.

    I grew up just a few miles from you on L.I. Where the f@ck are you going to shoot it???

  3. General_lee

    General_lee New Member


    If I were you, I would get a surplus military rifle like one of those mentioned above, and a good .22 rifle.