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  1. Easton77

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    Its quite the extended question so I appeciate you reading.

    I want to build my first "custom" rifle. I put custom in quotations because it wont be from the ground up I will be using an old platform. My grandfather had his FFl many years ago and has amassed many surplus rifles. Now my main question is between a Mosin, Chinese SKS, Enfield(multiple styles), sporterized springfield, original types of springfield 1903 rifles and a savage model 110 what would be my best option to swap stock, trigger job..the whole nine yards be? I would like to possible give it the typical scout look baring in mind I would like to keep the whole process less than 500 dollars. Any input would be great on what rifle to choose to begin my custom build.

    Thank you.
  2. SSGN_Doc

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    It's really more about what you want the finished product to do.

    Do you want a long range accuracy platform, or do you want a fat handling tactical rifle?

    Most surplus guns may be best left in original form for collector value. I would definitely only consider irreversible changes be done to a gun that is already in rough shape or has no collector value.

  3. Control

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    Welcome to the forum Easton,

    My late dad and I 'sporterized' a couple of old war relics back in the 50's and while they worked they did not turn out to be keepers.

    If some gun your grandfather had has sentimental value then keep that as it is. These days there is a fad to collect military guns anyway and they are worth more if you leave them alone.

    Also there are matches here in CT for these old military rifles.

    So you could shoot them as you want or not. The Savage 110 is not old military and since you own it it might need some improvement?
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    If you want a scout rifle setup, get a Mosin, a brass stacker mount and a long eye relief scope. The brass stacker mounts take minimal skills to install and if you want to you can go back to the original design of the rifle very easily. Just my .02 cents
  5. Easton77

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    That is a good point. I did clean up all the rifles I have now and they all function as far as I know. And that is a good point. I could work on the savage and leave the milsurps as they stand.

  6. JW357

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    Welcome to the forum. When you get the time, and if you plan on sticking around, please swing by the Introduction area and tell us about yourself.

    Good luck with your rifle.
  7. dteed4094

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    Probably the best and most economical way to convert the Springfield to a decent deer rifle is to find someone interested in the the gun and sell it to them and use the proceeds to buy a deer rifle. $500 probably wont be enough to do it right. You have to spend a ton of money on it to make it worth what it is now if it is in any kind of shape better than fair. 1903 A3s are a commodity right now.
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  8. hairbear1

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    In what calibre do you want this to be in so as to give us a better idea on what is a suitable action?

    Personally I wouldn't touch the SKS with a 40' barge pole maybe as a tomato stake.

    The Moisin Nagant wouldn't be too bad as the 6.5mm round is fairly handy.

    The Enfield actions can be used to make something like a .404 Jeffery or a .303/25 or keep it as a .303 which will handle anything up to bear and with a 10 shot mag you have plenty of back up shots.
  9. drboompa

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    I have several milsurps and would never consider doing anything to them that can't be reversed. However I have two that were sporterized before I bought them and since they can't be returned to original state I could work on them. One I have made into my hunting rifle. I encourage you not to ruin your military rifles. As mentioned, they will bring top dollar if you need to sell one or two.


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  10. KJG67

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    Can't stand it when people sporterize old war horses. They kicked a$$ in their original forms. Why screw with them? They are rare enough and people keep ruining them trying to tacticool them (not that that's what you're trying to do - I'm just venting). If you're going to mess with a 1903, be sure it's not an early serial number if you're not already familiar with that issue.

    If you're looking to sell any of them in original condition, shoot me a PM. I'd love to hear what you have.