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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by Formoverfunction, Nov 18, 2013.

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    Hi Guys I just found your forum and liked a few things that I've read. Earlier this year I wanted to go back to the range for some target practice so I went shopping for a accurate bolt action rifle.

    Was looking for a readily available ammo, reputation for accuracy, two stage trigger, a heavy barrel yet some what light weight and affordable... "First bolt action target/varmit rifle"

    I started with the Remington 700 since thats what my father, uncle and cousins shoot coyotes with, the Mini 14 was nice but I wanted something that was less rapid fire & more OSOK accuracy.

    I liked what also found with Savage rifles new thumb hole stock... but Oh man there was soo much negative press online about the Savage 25, so it went low on the list but remained because there are so many postive comments on Savage 11 & 12's reputation seems solid.

    Over the next few months I must read from 20+ websites and made a purchase from an estate sale in NH in July. The gun sat under my bed till this last weekend when I went to Cabelas to get a scope, rings & ammo.

    The local range was setup for 100 yards and when I got there I found out I forgot the magazine so I went single shot. The rounds were 4" group at 100 yards as I was getting used to the smaller rifle the groups improved to 1" or 2" but I still forgot to buy a hex key to unlock the verticle dope on my scope.

    I still need to get a thicker butt stock pad, hex tools and think about a paint scheme but I am very happy with my Savage 25 & Nikon BDC 600. I wanted to put up a quick post & let the comments fly.

    Pic to follow as I get them uploaded.
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    Savage makes the best ugly rifles money can buy. I've owned one for years; it was the first new rifle I ever had.


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    Yup ugly for sure. Except that hog gun. That thing is seci
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    Owned a couple of Savages over the years and I loved them!