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    A week ago I purchased my first CZ a 453 American with set trigger, and based on my first outing with the rifle, it won't be my last. I am very psyched at how well the it performed with pretty cheap ammo. I want to go back and try longer distances and use a better rest than my range bag.

    I picked up the CZ 453 .22lr rifle along with CZ mounting rings and a Bushnell Elite 3200, 4-12x 40 AO scope. The scope was mounted, bore sighted and focused. I scrubbed out the bore and oiled the action and barrel with FP-10, the stock with a Formby oil product.

    Although this is more scope than I have purchased in the past for a rimfire, I wanted a sharp, high magnication optic that would maximize what I could see and adjust for parallax. The adjustment range is 20-300 yards. The scope is bright, clear and has comfortable eye relief.

    With temperatures in the teens and twenties here in Virginia most of the week, my first chance to get out and shoot was Friday afternoon. Weather conditions were cold (mid thirties), clear, low humidity and no wind. I had only two types of ammo available (Aguila Super Extra and Federal bulk pack from Walmart).

    I started with targets at 25 yards to make sure I was on the paper, and I was but low and left. After about 3 groups to get close, I alternated the Aguila and Federal to dial in the scope at 25 yards. The first target below is my last 5 shot group at 25 yards with the Federal (Just one ragged hole).

    I moved the targets out to 50 yards and made the estimated adjustments for that range. Only one extra group was necessary to fine tune at 50 yards. I shot about 30 rounds to get better feel for the gun, some offhand, some using a makeshift rest (my range bag).

    To finish up the afternoon, I shot three 5-shot groups at 50 yards, each with my range bag as a rest. The first group was with with Aguila, the second with the Federal, and the final was with the Federal using the set trigger.

    This is the most accurate rimfire I have shot out of the box. I want to go back and try more distance, different ammo, and a more stable rest in warmer conditons (it was approaching freezing by the time I left). The set trigger is new to me and I think it will be a real bonus once I get accustomed to it. The standard trigger is much better than I expected with very little take-up before release.

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    I also find the AE's works well in my 452. I need to try mini mags next trip out. The 10/22 and the Marlin 700 love them. The set trigger is really touchy and takes some getting used to. I blew a lot of shots on my 527 from touching the trigger too early with a little too much pressure on it. If your scope has a duplex reticle, try putting the top of the lower post dead center on your target at 100 yds and adjust from there if you need to.

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    I have a bunch of .22 rifles, and the two CZs (a trainer and a varminter) shoot with the best of them. They are superb rifles with features and accuracy you would expect from a much more expensive rifle.
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    It sounds like you have a keeper on your hands. :cool: