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My hunting partner and I were on a logging road about 10 miles from the house when we saw a two point bull in a clearing. He was off the road about 80 yards.
We jumped out of the truck loaded our rifles, (partner packs a 340 Weatherby Mag. using 250gr factory sierra loads and I use a 308 Norma mag with 180gr factory swift A frames) We threw up and put the cross hairs on him and my hunting partner said, "Make sure he is legal, only allowed to shoot 2 points on one side in this mu, I could not see as there was a small bush obscuring his rack. While I was waiting for him to move out from my position my partner whacked him. I saw the round hit just behind the shoulder, perfect shot. The critter just stood there and looked at us. It was then that I was able to see better and I let fly with the Norma. The moose then turned and walked about 10 yards and it was heals up. We had a Marlbourgh moment and waited for him to bleed out. We were surprised at his size and it was not until we loaded him in the truck that we figured he weighed around 900lbs. I thought that I had made a clean miss as we could only see one hole in his hide. It was not until we butchered the critter and could look in the chest cavity that we could see my round and its entry and exit point was within 1 to 2 inches from my hunting partners.
We put in our time at the range, bought good optics. and practiced to 100 yards shooting offhand. Developing your skill sure pays off in the field.
Cheers: Eaglesnester;)
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