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First M&P

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When it comes to autos I own mostly Sigs but wanted to expand my collection so this week I picked up a M&P .40 and a Ruger P95 9mm...Both feel great but only had the chance to fire the Ruger..From what I've been reading most people don't care for the feel of the factor trigger n go with a Apex...Should I just order one from now ?
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There's no harm in trying it yourself to determine if it's good or not good. I dont mind the factory trigger on mine, but people have different levels of what is acceptable.
My first handgun was an M&P 40. Maybe I got an ok trigger but like it just fine. But I just got a Ruger 1911 and that is a sweet shooter. I hear though the apex trigger makes a difference.
Fire a 100 rounds after a good cleaning and lube job and deside for your self. After swapping pistols at the range to shot a few sigs , a p226 and I think a p250 those DA triggers leave nothing to get excited about ether. Some of the da trigger are among the heavist trigger pull out there in a pistol. Good thing there smooth. hehe
My Trigger felt gritty like a lot of others have complained about but after taking it out to the Range for a good break-in session and then practicing Dry Firing over 400 times (I've got an Android app that keeps track off this stuff) the grit is gone and it's smooth and breaks crisply. The only things I want to change are the take up in the beginning and to have a more distinct reset. But I really don't think I need a full Trigger job anymore. Maybe one of you more experienced gunny's out there can let me know what I'll have to change to achieve the results I desire. Thanks all,
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Mine's nice and smooth. It took a little getting used to because all the semi autos I've owned in the past were DA/SA. I always carried those guns cocked and locked and never liked the DA pull on any of them. Same with revolvers. I've always preferred to cock the hammer on a DA revolver. So it took me a little practice to get used to not having a SA pull but I'm good with it now. It's a whole lot lighter and smoother than the DA pull on the typical revolver or DA/SA semi-auto. Maybe I just got a good one but I see no need to change triggers.
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