First impressions: The Ruger SR22 pistol

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    Being fairly new on the market, I thought I would do a mini review on the Ruger SR22 that my girlfriend picked up the other day.

    This is not a long, drawn out 5000 round torture test, merely an unboxing with a few magazines run through it, so take it for what it's worth.

    This is a great little pistol for beginners and experienced shooters alike, shipping with two different grips and baseplates to accommodate different sized shooters. The gun itself is fairly small with an overall length of 6.4", a hight of 4.9" and a width of 1.29". The weight is about 17.5 ounces.

    The DA trigger is very heavy but smooth, the SA trigger on the other hand is crisp and right about where it should be. Adjustable 3 dot sights, 2 magazines, an accessory rail and a manual safety with a decocker are a few more nice features. The recoil is also surprisingly present, which is great for training purposes and also adds a little fun to your plinking.

    On to reliability, as I have said, I have fired less than 50 rounds so the test isn't over. With that being said, it's at 100% with Federal bulk pack, I bought another brick last night and will continue to update as I take in new data.

    Now for the unavoidable part where I tell you the cons of the pistol, the hammer is a bit too small and it can be difficult to cock manually, not a big deal but a con nonetheless. The only other complaint that I have is something that we should come to expect from Ruger, the trigger is disengaged when the magazine is removed.

    All in all, I would recommend this to anyone, especially if you shoot a lot of 22lr and want a little more feedback in the recoil department, or are a beginner looking for a trainer pistol.

    At around $325 I think it's a good buy, as I said, updates and a range report to come.

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    ZG has one and we've shot a few hundred rounds and not one problem.:). For the price it is a good buy.:). We have 4 Rugers now and that have worked great for us!!

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    yes, they are a great buy!. pushing close to 1k rounds through ours. 6 or 7 different brands of ammo and only had problems with some super dirty blazer. for being a short barrel its impressively accurate. its not a tack driver by any means. but ruger did done do good.. hehe