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    Ok guys I'm sure there are thousands of threads here on the same topic, but here is my situation. I have always wanted to own a handgun but never have. Dad had a .22 pistol that we plinked with a little bit but other than that, no hands on experience with anything. I am looking for some direction in purchasing one. I don't want to break the bank. I would use mostly target shooting, although it wouldn't be very often. I would like to have the option of hunting deer with it, so would a .40 or .45 be best? Thanks in advance.
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    I think there's a few things you have to consider for your first handgun
    1. caliber (personal preference, function, and body type determine this mostly)
    2. what you're gonna use it for (range, conceal carry, hunting, or home defense or combinations of the above)
    3. and finally and in my opinion just as import is the ergonomics, comfort, and if you actually like the gun because honestly you're not gonna shoot a gun you don't like or you're not comfortable with
    you should really find a gun that is uniquely fitted and best for you
    shoot and handle a variety of handguns

    i recommend going to a gun show or gun shop and just handling some and shoot some if possible
    also try out multiple calibers just to get a feel for them
    you can also ask for opinions but remember what might be good for one person may not be good for you so take everything with a grain of salt

    i think i covered everything
    if not another member will fill in the gaps or correct me

    good luck

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    If you can do without the deer hunting option for a bit, I'd say opt for one of the many good .22lr pistols out there. Ruger, Browning, Beretta, and Smith and Wesson all make respectable rimfires. I shoot a Smith & Wesson 22A on every range trip. Very fun to shoot, cheap ammo, and great as a utility gun for general purpose varmint riddance. Any of the aforementioned will do the same task. I used to use a Ruger MK II for the same purpose. Of course neither are suitable for hunting deer.

    Every handgun deer hunter I know uses a big 'ole long barrelled revolver. Certainly some folks hunt with big caliber autoloaders. The cost of the care and feeding of a big caliber gun will off set the cost of a $250 .22 in not that much time. Even if you use the .22 for bargain ammo to make range trips more affordable and more often, and practice with a 'deer gun' from time to time.

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    If you are wanting to hunt deer with a pistol, I would recommend looking at the many different brands of revolvers available today.

    The minimum calibers I would use for deer would be the following:

    1. .357 Magnum

    2. .44 Magnum

    3. .41 Magnum

    4. 460 Caliber

    5. 500 Caliber

    6. 45-70 Caliber

    7. 454 Casull

    There are some other less-known calibers out there, but these are the most popular. Unfortunately, none of these calibers are very cheap. You can shoot 38 specials out of a 357 mag revolver, and you can shoot 44 special rounds out of a 44 mag revolver (that would save a little money, but not much). Even with these calibers, you need to make sure you are close to the deer to ensure an effective (i.e. humane) one-shot kill.

    Research, research, research. The internet is full of useful information. I would also recommend looking around this forum at all of the different topics.
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    Thanks guys I will keep researching before I purchase anything.